Corylea's Witcher Mods and Adventures

"Medical Problems" is a new adventure for the computer role-playing game The Witcher.  

To get "Medical Problems 1," go here.

To get "Medical Problems 2," go here.

Mods, Saved games, Information, etc. for The Witcher:  Note that all of these things are for The Witcher ONE; don't try to use any of this with The Witcher 2 or The Witcher 3.

All of my mods and adventures for The Witcher can be found at The Witcher Nexus, including mods that have never been hosted here but only on the official Witcher forum.

Geralt's Wolf Companion Mod  -- now with a version that lets you  use J_Slash's Stuff Mod       
Purple Triss Outfit

No-Blur Blizzard Mod (IN TESTING!)

Genie Wish Mod

Play The Witcher as a Dark Elf

Sex Takes Time Mod  -- Newest!

"Yennefer's Valentine," a bite-sized adventure

Radovid Door Bugfix

Felldude's Blue Naiad Mod, updated to work with the Enhanced Edition

Other Adventures -- Old Witcher 1 adventures that Corylea didn't write but is hosting, as a community service

2010 Witcher Calendar by Corylea

Saved Witcher Games for Download

Dialogue Camera Screenshots (for modders)

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