Radovid Door Fix for TW1

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Sometimes there's a bug in the "All the King's Men" quest in Chapter 3. (If you haven't played Chapter 3 yet, stop reading now.) Geralt goes to the Salamandra hideout in the blocked-off section of the Trade Quarter, kills all the bad guys, and talks to Radovid in the mirror. He picks up the communication stone that he found in that hideout and takes it to Triss, who says it's for short-range communication only, meaning that the Salamandra thugs were talking to somebody in the Trade Quarter. Hmmm. Who? When Geralt asks Triss if she can trace the last communication the stone made, she marks a door on his map.

Usually, if you go to that door at the right time (after this conversation with Triss), the door is unlocked, and Geralt can walk in and talk with Radovid. But many people have reported a bug where they have the right conversation with Triss, have the door marked on their map, go there ... and it's locked.

This fix will give Geralt a scroll that unlocks the door to Radovid's hideout when Geralt reads it. The scroll goes into Geralt's regular inventory (so that you can drop it when you're done), so you'll need to make sure that you have an empty inventory slot when you use this fix.

There are 6 files that make this work:


These files should be placed in your Override folder; if you don't have an Override folder, you can just make one. It goes in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.

The def_arealoaded.ncs script is from J_Slash (who made the Stuff That Makes Geralt's Life Easier mod). The custom_script files are my adaptations of his custom script, so full credit to J_Slash for both of those.

THIS FIX SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF YOU'VE DEFINITELY GOT A BUG! Make sure that you've talked to Triss about the last communication that Salamandra made using the stone and that she's marked the location of the person they were communicating with on your map. Don't try to use this scroll just to bypass part of the game, or you could mess up your game.

---> The def_arealoaded script can conflict with some mods. But if you're having a problem with your game, you should remove all your mods, anyway, to make sure that none of them are causing the problem. Once you've unlocked the door, you can remove all of these files from your Override folder.

Remember to unzip the fix before you put it in your Override folder!

Once you've unlocked the door, you can drop the scroll and take the files for the fix out of your Override folder. (If you leave them in, dropping the scroll won't work, because the fix will give you a new copy of the scroll the next time you enter a new area.)

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