Genie Wish Mod

Download the Genie Wish Mod

This mod gives Geralt a magic bottle. When he rubs the magic bottle, a genie appears. This genie will grant him one wish. Geralt can wish for any one of the following:

1. 10,000 orens

2. More Talents (choose one, depending on how much you want to cheat)
a. 5 bronze talents
b. 5 bronze and 5 silver talents
c. 3 Silver talents
d. 3 Gold talents
e. 10 bronze, 20 silver, and 10 gold talents

3. Weapons (choose one)
a. Gwalhir steel sword
b. Mahakaman rune sihill steel sword
c. Aerondight silver sword
d. Moonblade silver sword

4. Armor (choose one)
a. Excellent Leather Jacket
b. Raven's Neutral Armor
c. Raven's Armor of the Elves
d. Raven's Armor of the Order

5. Blade Enhancements (choose one)
a. 2 Perun rune stones
b. 5 Diamond dusts

6. Potions (choose one)
a. 5 Swallows
b. 5 Tawny Owls
c. 5 White Rafford's Decoctions
d. 5 Cats
e. 3 Full Moons
f. 3 Maribor Forests
g.  3 White Honeys
h.  3 Wives' Tears
i. 10 White Gulls

When you right-click on the bottle to use it, the tooltip will say "right-click to read." This is because if I'd made the bottle a potion, Geralt would have drunk it, and that's not what we want. By tricking the game into thinking the bottle is a scroll, I'm able to give you a pop-up that says, "Suddenly, a genie appears!" So yeah, I know it claims that you "read" the bottle. WE know that Geralt actually rubs the thing. :-)

Of course you recognize who's being the genie here.:-)  In recoloring Azar Javed, I took a much closer look than ever before at his model and textures. I swear, that man must be the vainest guy on the planet! He's got armbands and piercings and decorative stitching and decorative cutouts and necklaces and belts and buckles and godknowswhatall! I had originally envisioned recoloring every piece of his outfit, but after I got a look at how extremely complicated it was, I decided to "only" spend a couple of hours recoloring him. 

The genie will teleport out after he's given you whatever you asked for. In theory, you get ONE wish. But in practice, if you want more, you can just rub the bottle again. I thought about making the bottle self-destruct after the first wish, but given that we ARE cheating here, I figured letting you use it as often as you like was better.

Is the mod very cheaty? Yes, it's very cheaty. :-)   When I posted my last mod, Kindo told me that he sometimes uses the Witcher Saved Game Editor to hack his saved games when he feels like cheating, and I thought that wasn't much fun. If we're going to cheat, let's do it in a fun way, via gameplay. That's why I made this mod.

Have fun! 

VERSION:  New in version 1.4: Added Raven's Armor and small amounts of Silver and Gold talents, both by request. Version 1.3 is still up at the Nexus, so that those of you who want to do the Raven's Armor quest without being tempted by easy armor can still have this mod without Raven's Armor.

Please note that it takes the game 10 - 20 seconds to catch up with your new stats once you get Raven's Armor. At first, your Vitality and Endurance will be what they've always been, but wait half a minute, and you'll have the new, armor-given maximums for those stats.

The new lines have been added to the Polish version, but -- as in version 1.2 -- in English.

Version 1.3  added Cat potions by request. Also, all potions now have a secondary substance as well. Swallows are nigredo; Cat, White Rafford's Decoction, Full Moon, and Maribor Forest are rubedo, and Tawny Owl, White Honey, and Wives' Tears are albedo.

Version 1.2 of the mod added the English text of the mod to the Polish dialogue, so you can play with your text language set to Polish and still use this mod.  If you play with your text language set to English, nothing will have changed for you; this change only affects people playing in Polish.

 Download the file and unzip it.  Put the unzipped folder into your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder or your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\Override folder.  Notice that the folder for the mod does NOT go into the Witcher folder where your saved games are; it goes in the Witcher folder where the game data is. This is The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data.

Note: Like all my mods, this is for The Witcher; it's not for The Witcher 2 or The Witcher 3.

If you have questions or comments, you can send e-mail to medicalproblemsquiz at gmail dot com.

If you want to use J_Slash's wonderful "Stuff That Makes Geralt's Life Easier" mod or some of my other item mods along with this one, check out the Many Items Mod, which combines several item mods into one.

CONFLICTS:  Many other mods conflict with the Genie Wish Mod!  Any mod that uses the custom_script.ncs and def_arealoaded.ncs scripts -- which includes FCR and many others -- will conflict with this mod.  Also, any mod that uses the appearance.2da file will conflict; this includes the Scabbard Mod, FCR, Rise of the White Wolf, and many others.

It's easy to work around this, though!  
You don't actually need the genie for very long; once he's given you stuff, you'll  keep it, as long as you save the game afterwards.  The only part that other mods conflict with is getting the bottle and calling up the genie -- the actual items or gold or talents he gives you are the same as any other items or talents or gold; the other mods don't conflict with them.

So, do this:

1.  Temporarily take out your other mods -- just move all of the files and folders they've installed to your desktop.  (FCR installs a folder, z_FCR; just move the entire folder out of your Data folder to someplace easy to find, like your desktop; you don't need to use an uninstaller.)

2.  Install the Genie Wish Mod.

3.  Start up your game, wait five seconds to be given the bottle.

4.  Call the genie and ask for whatever you want, as many times as you need to until you have whatever you want.

5.  SAVE THE GAME and exit it.

6.  Move the files and folders for the other mods from your desktop back to your Data folder and restore from the save where the genie gave you the stuff you wanted.