Purple Triss Clothing for Download

In the Prologue, Triss is wearing a brown outfit.  I've always wanted her to have something a bit more colorful, so I recolored that outfit to be lavender.  The brown outfit is supposed to be her "practical" outfit for hanging out at Kaer Morhen, unlike the green dress she wears to Leuvaarden's party.  But anyone who's wearing fishnet sleeves isn't being all that practical :-), so I figured Triss could have a more interesting color than brown.  So her dress is lavender, and her gloves, belt, and boots are soft black.

Here's a picture of how this looks:

If you'd like lavender Triss clothes for your game, just download the file below, unzip it, and put it in your Override folder.  If you haven't got an Override folder, just make one; it goes in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.  Just make a new folder inside the Data folder, then rename that folder Override.

If you want the brown Triss clothes back again, simply delete cr_triss2_c1.dds from your Override folder.

Download the lavender Triss clothes

Note that this mod is for The Witcher; it is not intended for -- and will not work with -- The Witcher 2.