Felldude's Blue Naiad, Updated for the Enhanced Edition

These textures were made by Felldude, and the mod is his idea; I just updated it for the Enhanced Edition.  (Note that this mod is for The Witcher 1; please don't try to use it with The Witcher 2.)

There are two versions available:  A medium-blue lady without pubic har and a light-blue lady with pubic hair.  (Felldude made six different versions, but those two are the ones whose textures I have).

ONLY DOWNLOAD ONE!  Trying to use both will just confuse things.

Blue Naiad.zip is the darker blue, without pubic hair (Picture shown above)

BlueNaiadWithHair.zip is the lighter blue, with pubic hair (Picture shown below)

What you download will be a zipped file folder with all the files you need in it.  Once you've downloaded it, unzip it, and put
all files in your Override folder.  If you haven't got one, just make one.  This goes in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder, not in the place where your saved games are.

If you start a new game, or if you load a saved game from before Chapter 4, the Naiad should be blue the first time you meet her.  If you have a saved game in an area where the Naiad is already present, she might still be green when you first load that game, but when you exit the area and then come back, she'll be blue.  You can just duck into the Fisher King's hut or something like that.

This mod works fine with the unmodded main game and will work with some other mods.  It will NOT work with mods that change the appearance.2da file, such as the Wolf Companion mod.  It is useless for most fan-made adventures and will actively conflict with some of them, so make sure you remove it from your Override folder before playing fan-made adventures.

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