Other Adventures

I didn't write these adventures; I'm merely hosting adventures that are no longer available from the usual places.  All praise (or blame) is due to their authors.

First, the adventures made by CDPR, themselves:

The Price of Neutrality  and

Side Effects

Then, some fan-made adventures:

Tribute, by Guz

Description of "Tribute" by PanKarol on the Witcher forum:  "This time you play as a muscleman drunkard and your task will be to save the inn from being burned by evil Basar.  You must prevent the only place to sell and consume booze in the neighbourhood from being destroyed!"

John's Diary, by Feebe
Feebe's description of "John's Diary" on the Witcher forum:  "Janek, a drowned dead, wants to take revenge on Witchers. You need to lead him in combat with Lambert, Geralt and Leo, win the fist fight with Bob and take part in an unusal 'tournament'…;)"

Graveyard Party, by RedFlame Interactive

Description of "Graveyard Party" by Vaernus
on the Witcher Forum:  "Welcome, warrior! Today, you have been challenged to survive the GraveyardParty. There is no sense here! There is no getting out alive! There is only honor and glory of smashing your way through hordes of foes using the skills you choose!"

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