Get "Medical Problems 1:  The Village Mystery" here:

There are two versions of "Medical Problems 1" available; choose the one that best suits your needs:

1.  This version has everything you need in one file.
  a.  Download the all-in-one version.
  b.  Confirm that it downloaded correctly by checking the file size.  You should have a zipped folder called, and the file size should be 571,396 KB or 558 MB.
  c.  Unzip the folder.
  d.  Follow the installation instructions (in a text file, packed in the folder you just downloaded).
  e.  Play.

2.  For those who are comfortable moving files around on their hard disks, this version has the adventure and the movies in two separate files.  This should give you somewhat faster loading times.  
  a.  Download the no-movies version.  (The adventure will be incomprehensible if you don't also download the movies, so be sure to get those.)
  b.  Download the movie folder.
  c.  Download the main loading screen.
  d.  Unzip the adventure.
  e.  Follow the installation instructions for the adventure (in a text file packed in the folder with the adventure).
  f.  Unzip the movies folder.
  g.  Put the movie folder into the folder where your other Witcher movies are.  On my computer, this is at The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\Movies, but the location of the folder varies, depending not just on your operating system but also on whether you installed the EE from a disk or upgraded the original edition to the EE via patch.  In any case, if the folder has files like cs_sex_abigail1.bik and intro.bik in it, it's the right place.
  h.  Put the file in The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\Override.  Remember to take this out of your Override folder when you play the main game or another module!
  i.  Play.


Shani needs help fighting an epidemic of a new, unknown sickness.  But what could a monster slayer possibly do about a medical problem?
This new adventure for The Witcher has several different possible endings, depending on which choices you make while playing.  Three choices each have consequences, and which ending you get depends on the combination of choices.

Geralt has monsters to kill, human lives to save, a mystery to solve, and witcher contracts to fulfill.  There are also some ladies to woo, though all but one of those are optional. :-)

"Medical Problems" is a new adventure for the computer role-playing game The Witcher.  It won't work without The Witcher.  Note also that this adventure is for the first Witcher game; it does not work with The Witcher 2.

  • 12 quests (only 11 of which can be completed in any one game, since two of them are mutually exclusive)
  • 45 NPC's, all of which have names and conversations of their own.  There's no one in this game who's named "Peasant" or "Townswoman," and no two conversations are identical -- all 45 of them have something different to say!
  • 18 explorable areas plus three special areas, with 19 new loading screens
  • 40 monsters to kill
  • 6 sex cards to get, including one new one and 5 recolored ones
  • Many, many recolors of clothes, items, and even some areas
  • Several new items
  • Several hours of gameplay (Most players take 5 - 6 hours to finish the game, though a few players have finished in as little as 3 hours and others have taken as long as 16.)

"Medical Problems 1" and "Medical Problems 2"

The file on this page is "Medical Problems 1:  The Village Mystery."  Does that mean that you'll have to play "Medical Problems 2:  The Witcher Disease" when you finish this one?

Short answer:  No. :-)

Longer answer:  The mystery of what's happening in Riverford is solved by the end of MP1.  Everything that's happening in the village is wrapped up and done by the end of MP1.  The sequel is set up by the events that happen during the last few minutes of MP1.  But you'll have finished what you came to Riverford to do, and the mystery will be solved.

Of course, I hope you will play MP2 -- that's why I set up the sequel, after all. :-)  But you don't have to.  MP1 is complete on its own.

How to get help, ask questions, and make comments:

If you like "Medical Problems," I'd love to hear what you like about it!  You can send comments to medicalproblemsquiz at gmail dot com.

"Medical Problems" comes with four text files (which are also available on this site):

1.  An installation manual
2.  A hint sheet
3.  A list of cool things to be sure to see
4.  A walkthrough

Walkthroughs take half of the fun out of a game, so it's only there in case of a playing "emergency." :D  If you get stuck or have a question that isn't covered in the installation manual or the hint sheet, ask it in the "Medical Problems" thread on the Witcher Forum, and I'll answer you.

You can ask questions and make comments at the Medical Problems 1 thread at the official Witcher forum, at the Witcher Nexus page for "Medical Problems 1" or at the ModDB page for "Medical Problems 1."

Also available are

Choices and Consequences

        Oh, and if you think you can make a better adventure for The Witcher than "Medical Problems," please do! :-)


"Medical Problems" is copyright 2010 by Cory Lea Kerens. 
This adventure was released under the Creative Commons License:  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)  More about this Creative Commons license

Everything that wasn't made by CDPR was made by me, with these exceptions:

1.  Heartfelt thanks to Unkreativ for the Shani sex picture.
2.  Thanks to RedFlame Interactive for the placeable trees.
3.  Thanks to Felldude for the wonderful new Shani texture.
4.  Thanks to the authors of the Djinni wiki -- especially RedFlame Interactive -- for a few of the script lines.
5.  Thanks to 56236 for Trughbull's brains joke.
6.  Thanks to for the crowd cheering sound.

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