Sims 1 Mods by Corylea

(The picture doesn't show everything I've made, just a sample)

Latest update: February 7, 2024. What was updated: Personality Point Buyer

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I've made a bunch of stuff for The Sims 1; here's how to find what you're looking for:

  Hacked Skill Objects -- Faster skilling, plus more Fun and Comfort where applicable, or a painting that gives any skill points you wish, plus a SILENT mirror

  Hacked Comfort Objects -- Hacked the prettiest (IMHO) objects to have more Comfort

  Hacked Plumbing Objects-- Less cleaning and less breakage, or make your sims NEVER have to pee!

  Appliances -- Some hacked and some just recolored

  Hacked Electronics Objects -- Your sims can hear their TV, but YOU don't have to!

  Surfaces -- Recolors, 
a super-cheap one to hold all those charms made by magic sims, and a high room-score one

  Lighting -- A low, flat lamp for outdoors that your sims can walk on or even put flowers on

  Magic Items -- The Spinning Wheel, Churn, Beehive, and Magic Toybox all give more ingredients

Hacked Pet Objects -- Make your pets smarter, so they'll learn tricks more easily. Also a better bed.

  Garden Crop Mods -- Greater chance of giant vegetables, buy more plant tonic at once, buy more seeds

                Flowers -- Recolored flowers that have been hacked to allow intersection with trees and fountains

  New Career
-- A Starfleet career (from Star Trek), with custom career outfits

Other Hacks -- No relationship decay, No friends needed for Superstar's Fame Career, Food stays fresh for a week, The Interest Adjuster, Better Mystery Box, Cheaper Vacation Prizes, Buy Multiple Seed Packets at Once, More Walk-bys, Need-Freezing Mod for Old Town community lots, Eliminate Need Decay Mod, the Skeletonizer, Interior Windows Give Light (requested mod), Personality Point Buyer

  Walls and Floors -- Some of these I made from scratch, some are recolors of Sims 1 walls and floors, some are extracted from The Sims 2, and some are recolors of walls and floors extracted from The Sims 2.

  Doors and Windows -- Some hacked and some just recolors

  Roofs -- Recolored roofs to match my exterior walls

  Maxis "Cool Stuff" for Mac users  (Windows users probably already have this)

  How to Make Friends in The Sims 1

 The Eight-Sim Challenge

If you need help getting The Sims 1 working on Windows 10 or Windows 11, I've written a tutorial at the Sims 1 subreddit

All of my mods have been made to work with a game that has all of the expansion packs, and you will need Makin' Magic at the very least.

I also have a few simple recolors of clothes and heads that I hope to upload soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have fun playing this great old game!