Sims 1 Mods by Corylea

(The picture doesn't show everything I've made, just a sample)

Latest update:
June 15, 2024. What was updated: Eliminate Fame Decay Mod FIXED

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I've made a bunch of stuff for The Sims 1; here's how to find what you're looking for:

  Hacked Skill Objects -- Faster skilling, plus more Fun and Comfort where applicable, or a painting that gives any skill points you wish, plus a SILENT mirror

  Hacked Comfort Objects -- Hacked the prettiest (IMHO) objects to have more Comfort

  Hacked Plumbing Objects-- Less cleaning and less breakage, or make your sims NEVER have to pee!

  Appliances -- Some hacked and some just recolored

  Hacked Electronics Objects -- Your sims can hear their TV, but YOU don't have to!

  Surfaces -- Recolors, 
a super-cheap one to hold all those charms made by magic sims, and a high room-score one

  Lighting -- A low, flat lamp for outdoors that your sims can walk on or even put flowers on

  Magic Items -- The Spinning Wheel, Churn, Beehive, and Magic Toybox all give more ingredients

Hacked Pet Objects -- Make your pets smarter, so they'll learn tricks more easily. Also a better bed.

  Garden Crop Mods -- Greater chance of giant vegetables, buy more plant tonic at once, buy more seeds

                Flowers -- Recolored flowers that have been hacked to allow intersection with trees and fountains

  New Career
-- A Starfleet career (from Star Trek), with custom career outfits

Other Hacks-- No relationship decay, No friends needed for Superstar's Fame Career, Food stays fresh for a week, The Interest Adjuster, Better Mystery Box, Cheaper Vacation Prizes, Buy Multiple Seed Packets at Once, More Walk-bys, Need-Freezing Mod for Old Town community lots, Eliminate Need Decay Mod, the Skeletonizer, Interior Windows Give Light (requested mod), Personality Point Buyer, Flirt with and Compliment Friends Mod, Families Are Friends Mod, Joke with Good Friends Mod, No Visitor Gifts Mod, Rabbit control mods, Objects recategorized, Faster Magical Growths Mod, No Fame Decay Mod, No Forced Career Change at Level 10

  Walls and Floors -- Some of these I made from scratch, some are recolors of Sims 1 walls and floors, some are extracted from The Sims 2, and some are recolors of walls and floors extracted from The Sims 2.

  Doors and Windows -- Some hacked and some just recolors

  Roofs -- Recolored roofs to match my exterior walls

  Maxis "Cool Stuff" for Mac users  (Windows users probably already have this)

  How to Make Friends in The Sims 1

 The Eight-Sim Challenge

If you need help getting The Sims 1 working on Windows 10 or Windows 11, I've written a tutorial at the Sims 1 subreddit

All of my mods have been made to work with a game that has all of the expansion packs, and you will need Makin' Magic at the very least.

I also have a few simple recolors of clothes and heads that I hope to upload soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have fun playing this great old game!