Sims 1 Surfaces

 Wood and White Counter  Exactly like the cheap turquoise kitchen counter, except not as ugly. :-)

Very Cheap -- §1 ! -- Brown Nightstand  This is just like the light yellow nightstand, except that it only costs one simoleon.  When my magic sims make a lot of charms in the charm maker, they need someplace to put them, and paying a lot for something to hold an object that they SHOULD be able to put on the floor -- but can't -- annoys me.  So here's a one-simoleon brown nightstand.

 High Room Score End Table  I like this very simple end table and don't want to have to use other end tables in order to get my room score up.  So I've made a second version of this table, once that has a Room Score of 10.  The price is higher so as to be commensurate with the room score.

 All of these items are installed in the usual way; unzip the folder and put the contents in your Program Files (x86)\Maxis\Downloads folder.

I made these mods for my own use, but I went to the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy.  So if you enjoy any of these mods, I'd love to hear about it!  I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in the thread announcing these mods at ModTheSims or Reddit or send me a PM at either of those places; I'm Corylea at both.

Have fun!

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