What's New in Corylea's Sims 1 Mods

Update Date                        What was updated

June 1, 2024                          No Forced Career Change at Level 10 in the Other Hacks section.

May 31, 2024                        Eliminate Fame Decay in the Other Hacks section.

May 24, 2024                        Faster Magical Growths in the Other Hacks section.

April 27, 2024                        Scarecrow recategorized to Decorative - Other in the Other Hacks section

April 9, 2024                            Two Rabbit-control mods in the Other Hacks section.

April 7, 2024                            Updated my faster exercise machine to drain Comfort instead of Energy, in the Hacked Skill Items section

March 15, 2024                       No Visitor Gifts Mod (by request)  added to the  Other Hacks section.

March 4, 2024                        Joke With Friends Mod added to the Other Hacks section.

March 1, 2024                        Flirt with and Compliiment Friends Mod  and  Families Are Friends Mod in the Other Hacks section

February 7, 2024                    Personality Point Buyer in the Other Hacks section

September 22, 2023                FIXED the Starfleet Career to now have the chance cards it was supposed to have

September 9, 2023                    Interior Windows Provide Light Mod

September 6, 2023                   The Skeletonizer added to Other Hacks

June 28, 2023                          Aquariums Recategorized to Pets (by request)

May 25, 2023                          Garden crop mods section added

May 5, 2023                            Maxis "Cool Stuff" in a format that Mac users can use  (Windows users could already use it)

Sept. 27, 2022                        Friendship Not Needed to Share Double Beds mod added to Comfort section

July 30, 2022                           Silent Mirrors added to the Skill Items section

July 26, 2022                            Eliminate Need Decay Mod added to the Other Hacks section

July 21, 2022                           More Walk-Bys Mod added to the Other Hacks section

July 15, 2022                           New Roofs section

July 3, 2022                            Buy multiple seed packets at once added to the Other Hacks section

June 27, 2022                        Need-Freezing Mod for Old Town community lots added to the Other_Hacks section.

June 12, 2022                        Cheaper Vacation prizes -- 3 choices -- added to the Other Hacks section.

May 25, 2022                        Added the Mouse Zapper by request

May 21, 2022                        Six new walls and five new floors added to the Walls and Floors section.

May 1, 2022                           Hacked Paintings let you give your sim a cluster of "starter points" or one point at a time in any skill.  Found in Hacked Skill Items section.

April 25, 2022                        Hacked Magic items produce more ingredients per use.  Includes Spinning Wheel, Churn, Beehive, and Magic Toybox.  Found in new Magic section.

April 12, 2022                        Automtic version of The Interest Adjuster, so you can adjust the interests of sims you can't play, like Downtownies.  Found in Other Hacks.

March 20, 2022                     Flowers hacked to allow intersection with trees and fountains; Red, White, and Pink tulip recolors.  Found in new Garden Plants section.

March 14, 2022                     The Magic Starter Kit that the Mystery Man delivers no longer lowers your outside room score.  Optional version  with enough Magicoins to buy a lot in Magic Town.  Found in Other Hacks.

March 8, 2022                        Flat outdoor lamp that sims can walk on or plant flowers over.  Found in new Lighting section.

March 2, 2022                        Two tables, one recolored, one hacked to have a very high room score.  Found in Surfaces section.

February 26, 2022                    New Doors & Windows section, includes two recolors and one hacked door.  Found in new Doors & Windows section.

February 25, 2022                    Static Bladder Plant means no sim on the lot ever has to go.  Great for Downtown and Studio Town lots.  Found in Hacked Plumbing Objects.

January 23, 2022                        Heart Bed that doesn't charge to vibrate, made by request.  Found in Hacked Comfort Objects.

January 22, 2022                        New Career!  Starfleet career (from Star Trek).  Found in new Career section.

November 19, 2021                    New Walls (35) and new Floors (24) added to new Walls and Floors section.

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