Plants for The Sims 1

Intersecting Flowers!

These flowers allow intersection with objects, so you can plant them around your trees or fountains or whatever you like.  They've also been hacked to have a greater room score.  You still have to water them, though. :-)

There are two types:

1.  Flowers I've recolored go in your Downloads folder as usual.

2.  I've also hacked the Maxis flowers to allow intersection, and this file does NOT go in your Downloads folder.  This file replaces the Maxis flowers, so it has to be put where the file it modifes is, and that's in your GameData\Objects folder.  This won't overwrite the Maxis flowers -- they're still safe inside the Objects.far file -- so if for some reason you decide you don't want this anymore, simply removing this file will restore your Maxis flowers to their original condition.

This file hacks the Maxis flowers to allow intersection with things like trees and fountains, so you can make interesting arrangements in your yard.  They also have a somewhat greater room score than before, because I like flowers enough to think that ANY flowers help your yard look lovely.  You won't get duplicates of the Maxis flowers; the existing flowers have simply been altered so as to allow intersection.  Sims1FlowerHack-DoNOTPutInDownloads!.zip

Pink Tulips

 White Tulips 

Red Tulips 

I made these mods for my own use, but I went to the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy.  So if you enjoy any of these mods, I'd love to hear about it!  I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in the thread announcing these mods at ModTheSims or Reddit or send me a PM at either of those places; I'm Corylea at both.

Have fun!

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