pictures of plumbing objects

Hacked Plumbing Objects for The Sims 1

Sims have to clean the toilet after EVERY USE?  Even the ones with ZERO Neatness points?  How does that make sense?  I've hacked the toilet so that if two sims each use the toilet twice a day, it will need cleaning in about a week.  (Obviously, it will need cleaning sooner if more than two sims are using it.)

Pedestal sink, hacked not to break and to reduce advertising for dishwashing.  Because most people don't wash their dishes in the bathroom sink. :-)

Counter sink, hacked not to break.

A dishwasher that forces sims to take a couple of steps AWAY from it after they put their dishes in, so as not to block access for other sims.  (It's in the Appliances section of the catalog, just like regular dishwashers, but since I didn't have any other appliances, and it uses water, I stuck it here in Plumbing.)

I didn't hack the shower, because Hedda at SomeSimThings has already done so.  Hedda has lots of great things; if you've never been there, be sure to check out her site!

Installation:  All of these items are installed in the usual way; unzip the folder to your Program Files (x86)\Maxis\Downloads folder.

I made these mods for my own use, but I went to the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy.  So if you enjoy any of these mods, I'd love to hear about it!  I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in the thread announcing these mods at ModTheSims or Reddit or send me a PM at either of those places; I'm Corylea at both.

Have fun!