Other Hacks for The Sims 1

Please notice that most of these hacks do NOT go in the Downloads folder; see the page for the hack in question for complete installation information.  Please also note that my mods are made with an installation that has ALL the expansion packs.  Many of these will not work unless you have all the packs or at least Makin' Magic.

Eliminate Relationship Decay

Food Stays Fresh For a Week

No Friends Needed for Superstar's Fame Career

Interest Adjuster

 Better Mystery Box

The Mouse Zapper

Cheaper Vacation Prizes -- 3 choices

Need-Freezing Mod for Old Town community lots

Buy More Seeds at Once

More Walk-Bys Mod

    Eliminate Need Decay Mod

The Skeletonizer

Interior Windows Provide Light

Personality Point Buyer

Flirt with and Compliment Friends

Families Are Friends

Joke with Friends Mod

No Visitor Gifts

Rabbit Control mods

Objects Recategorized

 Faster Magical Growths Mod

Eliminate Fame Decay Mod

No Forced Career Change at Level 10

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