Eliminate Relationship Decay Mod for
The Sims 1

When you make friends in The Sims, you have to keep up with them, because your relationship declines gradually over time.  Okay, sure if you don't talk to somebody for a decade, they might stop being your friend, but a few days -- or even a few weeks or months -- shouldn't matter that much.

So I've made a mod that eliminates relationship decay.  You can still lose a friend if you're mean to them or even if you talk about things they find boring, but you won't lose a friend to decay.  Make a friend and have them for life!

-->  Please note that there are TWO files that make this work, and they do NOT go where most downloads go!  <--

Put the VisitGenerator.iff file into the Objects subfolder of your GameData folder.  Since this is overriding something that's already in the game, it needs to be in a different place than if you were adding a new object or a skin.

Put the HDLTR.iff file into the ExpansionShared subfolder of your Sims game.  This is also overriding something that's already in the game, so it has to be put into the folder where the file it's overriding is located.

I've used this mod in my game for several months with no trouble, but if it gives you problems, just delete it.

This mod was developed for a game with all of the expansion packs -- I have them all on disk, and two different testers with the Complete Collection also tried it out.  If you do not have all of the expansion packs, this might not work for you.  Since the files I altered entered the game with the Hot Date expansion pack, you definitely need that pack or a later one for this to work.

Please also note this is for The Sims 1 ONLY.  Don't try to use it in later games, because that will not make you happy. :-)

The download:  Eliminate Relationship Decay Mod by Corylea

I hope you enjoy this!

Best wishes,


I don't get mail at corylea.com; if you need to contact me, you can send me a PM at ModTheSims or at Reddit; I am Corylea in both places.