No Friends Needed for Fame Career
Mod for The Sims 1

A picture of the career panel with no friends needed

The celebrities in the Fame career in The Sims 1 Superstar expansion pack are quite snobbish and difficult to make friends with.  I love watching my sim sing in the recording studio or act out silly scenes for daytime TV, but I hate having to cultivate those snobby celebrities just to advance in my career.

Well, now you don't have to!

I've made a mod that completely eliminates the need for any celebrity friends, while keeping the skill requirements the same.  You can have all of the fun of the Fame career withOUT having to beg those snobs to talk to you.

This does NOT alter the friends needed for any other career; the file for the Fame career is separate from the file for the other careers.

Go to your Maxis\GameData folder.  Find the fame.iff  file and move it to a safe place that's NOT anywhere in your Maxis folder or a subfolder thereof.  I have a folder with all my game back-up stuff, and I make a subfolder in that folder called Sims 1 Original Fame Goes in GameData, then put the original fame.iff  file in there.  The name of the subfolder ensures that I remember what this is and why I have it. :-)

2.  Unzip the folder you downloaded.  Put the fame.iff  file I've given you into your Maxis\GameData folder.  Notice that this does NOT go into a sub-folder, the way many other mods do; it goes directly into your GameData folder, so make sure you take it out of the folder it came in.

Any time you want celebrity friends to be required for the Fame career again, just delete the fame.iff file I've given you and replace it with the fame.iff file that you backed up.

The Download:

If you enjoy this mod, I'd love to hear about it!  I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in the thread announcing this mod at ModTheSims or Reddit or send me a PM at either of those places; I'm Corylea at both.

Have fun!
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