"Medical Problems 2" HINTS AND TIPS

1.  "Medical Problems 2" is a BIG file.  Unless you have a high-end computer, it takes the game a little while to load, and the cutscenes take a second or two to start up.  Don't worry if the screen goes black for a couple of seconds -- it's just a cutscene starting.

2.  Your journal has a lot of important information in it -- remember to read it if you need help figuring out what to do next.  The longer journal entries usually have more hints than the single sentence that gets printed on the screen when a quest updates, so read your journal if you need help.

3.  Important locations are marked on your map (though some of them won't show up on your map until you talk to a certain person).  If you're trying to find a specific location, it's probably on your map.

4.  Zoltan can't die.  If he takes on too many devourers at once, he might lie down for a bit, but give him a minute, and he'll get back up again.

5.  As the instructions said, if Geralt starts to walk somewhere by himself, please let him do so!  It's usually important to the story for him to go wherever it is that he's headed to, so interfering with that could cause trouble.

6.  "Medical Problems 2" runs fine, but "The Witcher" does crash from time to time, so save your game often!  Be especially sure to save before you enter a new area or before meditating -- that seems to be what gives "The Witcher" trouble.  The "crypt" area -- which is used in MP2 for the Witchers' Laboratory and for the Ruins -- is an especially large area, and loading this area is especially likely to make your game crash.  This isn't something I did -- CDPR just made that area exceptionally large!  SAVE YOUR GAME before you enter the Witchers' Laboratory or the Ruins.  If you continue to have trouble with one of those areas, turn off all non-essential background tasks, to reduce the load on your computer.

7.  If you need a hint, there's a "Medical Problems2" thread on the Witcher forum; come there and ask any question you like.  There's also a walkthrough in rich text format included with the game download (read it with Wordpad); it's also available at http://corylea.com/mp2_walkthrough.html.  Only use it if you really need it, though; using it will take a lot of fun out of the game.  

Oh, and there are NO drowners anywhere in "Medical Problems 2!"

"Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease" is copyright 2011 by Cory Lea Kerens.  Everything that wasn't made by CDPR was made by me, with these exceptions:

1.  Thanks to Felldude for the wonderful new Triss, Shani, and dryad textures.
2.  Thanks to RedFlame Interactive for the placeable trees.
3.  Thanks to Mboro for the heraldry shields used on a few of the banners and guard uniforms
4.  Thanks to Kevin McCloud at incompetech.com for the use of his music "Nothing Broken."
5.  Thanks to DalomarGrimm at Freesound.org for the bone-breaking sound
6.  Thanks to thanvannispen at Freesound.org for the woman screaming sound
7.  Thanks to the authors of the Djinni wiki -- especially RedFlame Interactive -- for helping me get started.

Grateful thanks to my wonderful playtesters:  Adam "Fantasta" Dukszto, Ahmet Vural (e-ahmet), and Soukyan