"Medical Problems" Walkthrough

Note:  This walkthrough will only tell you the essentials for how to solve the quests.  If you follow it step-by-step, you'll miss much of what's cool and interesting about this adventure.  Wander around, talk to people, look at stuff!  The quests are only part of the fun.

1.  Watch the opening movie.

2.  Hmm.  There's some sort of mysterious disease here, and no medicinal herbs left after the battle.  Looks like Shani needs help.  (And aren't you glad you're immune to disease?)  Go talk to Shani and agree to get the ingredients she needs.  You'll get the Shani's Medicine quest.

3.  To get the ingredients Shani needs for her medicine, you'll need to find a wyvern, some basilisks, and a ghoul.  Maybe the locals can tell you where to find the right critters?  Leave the Outside Inn (The only people in there at this hour of the day are patients -- who will talk about being sick but not about monsters -- and travelers -- who know nothing about the local monsters) and go outside into Riverford.  Oh, look, there's a notice board, just outside the Inn.  Click on it and take the two contracts you find there.  If you feel like doing contracts, read them; you'll get The Centipede Contract quest and the Troll Bridge quest.  Then go into the hut next door.

4.  The hut turns out to be Riverford Dye Works, and inside you'll find John, Katherine, and Naomi.  Talk to John and get him to tell you where to find monsters.  If you want to do The Centipede Contract, also get him to tell you about the centipedes.  Hmm.  He says that Katherine knows the most about wyverns, huh?  Well, she's standing right there -- go talk to her and earn a map point that tells you where the wyverns are.

5.  Exit the dye works and run to your right, past the Outside Inn and out through the gap in the fence.  (Once you're outside of the fence, if you wish, you can turn left, run up the hill, and perform the Ritual of Magic at the Place of Power, to intensify your signs.)  

6.  Run to where the wyverns are, kill one and collect its venom gland.  (You can kill the others also, if you want, but there's no contract for them.)

7.  Next, run into the village.  At the front of the village, you'll see Henry making a sword and Anne sweeping in front of her house.  Talk to Anne.  She'll tell you where to find the basilisks and also ask you to kill them all, since they killed her husband.  Tell her that you will, and you'll get the Exterminate Basilisks quest.

8.  While you're in the village, go down the main "street" until you see a woman in a purple dress bent over her washtub (or bent over, puking.  The villagers are all sick, after all).  Talk to her, and she'll think you're here because you mysteriously know about the "walking dead man" she's seen.  Hmm.  Could that be the ghoul whose blood you need?  Tell Maria you'll investigate the house, and you'll get the Dead Man Walking quest.  Maria will walk to the house and unlock it for you.  (It's actually unlocked as soon as she says that she'll unlock it, so if you're the impatient type, you don't have to wait for her to actually saunter all the way there.  Would you believe that, according to Djinni, Maria's speed is officially "Very Fast," and that there are lots of SLOWER speeds for NPC's?  Sheesh.)

9.  Enter the house, and you'll find an old friend from The Witcher -- it's Vetala, the talking, well-mannered ghoul.  You have a choice of killing him for his blood or letting him live and asking Shani for a different ingredient.  [[Spoiler:                                                      Actually, you get his blood either way.]]

10.  Once you're finished with Vetala, go back to Maria and tell her that she's safe.  You'll finish the Dead Man Walking quest.

11.  Take the back exit from the village to the Path to Basilisks' Cave.  Once inside the cave, quaff a Cat potion and head further in.  Hmm, garkains.  Two at once can be tough.  (Hint: undead burn very easily.)  Kill them and collect their leavings (Shani doesn't need them for anything, but you might want them yourself, one day).

12.  In the same room with the garkains are a few sewant mushrooms and a box; loot them all.  There are also two fireplaces, where you can meditate if you took too much of a beating from the garkains (and if you don't want to use one of the Swallow potions that Geralt has in his inventory).

13.  Follow the corridor to the next room, where there will be four basilisks.  Kill them all and collect their eyeballs (ewww).  Loot the corpse that's just beyond the basilisks.  

14.  You've got all of the ingredients that Shani needs for her medicine, and you've also fulfilled Anne's quest.  Go see Anne, and she'll offer her card -- you can take her up on it or not, as pleases you.  If you do take her up on it, you and Anne will go to her house.  There's stuff in her house, but you wouldn't steal from a grieving widow you just had sex with, would you?  Whether you get her card or not, talking to Anne will finish the Exterminate Basilisks quest.

15.  When you're finished with Anne, head for the Outside Inn and tell Shani that you have her ingredients.  She'll give you a necklace that an old boyfriend gave her, as payment for the ingredients, and you'll finish the Shani's Medicine quest.  You'll get a short cutscene -- hey, the potion really worked!

16.  After the cutscene, Shani will tell you that the potion has bought you some breathing room but hasn't cured the illness.  Let her think aloud at you, and the two of you will decide that the villagers might be suffering from arsenic poisoning.  If they are, then someone has been intentionally trying to poison the ENTIRE VILLAGE.  

17.  This will start a new quest, Murky Waters, during which Geralt will investigate the poisoning.  The Murky Waters quest has several different threads -- check out your journal entries to see what you need to try to discover.  Hmm.  One thing you need to find out is where a poisoner could get arsenic.  Well, you've got a doctor handy; while you're here, let's ask her about poisons.

18.  Apple seeds, huh?  Yeah, there seem to be plenty of apples on hand.  You can either talk to Shani in some detail, during which Geralt will come up with a few ideas and Shani will suggest a few, or you can investigate on your own.

19.  Go back next door to the Dye Works.  Whoa.  Walk in the door and surprise John and Greta in a bit of an argument.  So Riverford's dye is the best, huh, and the other dye-making towns are hurting?  Could that be any kind of a motive?  You'll get a new quest, Suspect: The Rival, for investigating Greta.

20.  Talk to John.  Ask him about Greta, and he'll tell you that Greta is likely to know all about poisons.  Hmm.  That seems vaguely suspicious.  While you're there, also ask him if the Dye Works happens to be missing a mortar and pestle.  It is, huh?  Interesting.  Lastly, ask him who knows about the apple supply.  Emily does?  Okay, good.

21.  Depending on the time of day, Emily might be in the Orchard that's across from the Dye Works, in the Outside Inn, having lunch with her buddies just outside the back entrance to the village, or praying for the sick at the statue of Melitele that's in the center of town.  Find Emily and ask her about apple consumption.  Ah, more apples than usual have gone missing, huh?  And it doesn't look as if they've been taken for eating, either.  That's starting to look like confirmation of the poisoning theory.  We still don't know who's doing it, though.  If you want Emily's card, talk with her again and notice that you have a chance to flirt with her.  Tell her that's a dangerous thing for such a pretty woman to say, and she'll flirt back.  After a bit of back-and-forth, she'll offer to have a "philosophical discussion" with you.  If you want her card, take her up on this, and you and she will go to the apple storage shed for your tryst.

22.  Once you've finished wooing Emily -- who seems quite pleased, unlike poor Anne -- you'll be in the apple storage shed.  There are apples here for the taking and also apple brandy, which is a strong alcohol.  Feel free to grab a bottle or two while you're here, though there's no need to go crazy -- alcohol is easy to come by.  

23.  If you're in the village (where the apple shed is) during the morning or afternoon, talk to Stephen while you're here.  You'll get a new quest, Suspect: The Prodigal.  Hmm.  Looks like Stephen has a good reason to be a bit unhappy with his fellow villagers.  Would he have gone as far as poisoning them?  And what's this about Jenny?  Stephen is too upset to talk about her, so go find Elizabeth.  She should be fishing along the riverbank if it's morning or tending the apple trees along the riverbank if it's afteroon.  If it's late afternoon or evening, then she's in the Outside Inn.

24.  Oh, even better.  Not only did Stephen have to leave town for eleven years, but his beloved baby sister died.  Two motives for the price of one!  

25.  Everybody here knows about apples, but all we've ever seen Stephen do is carpentry -- how is he with a mortar and pestle?  Maybe John would know, since many of the villagers take a turn in the Dye Works.

26.  Go to the Dye Works (if it's morning or afternoon) or the Outside Inn (if it's evening) and talk to John.  Stephen was unusually good with a mortar and pestle, huh?  Looks like we need to take him seriously as a suspect.

27.  While you're over here, where the Dye Works and the Outside Inn are, go into the Inn and talk to Bert the Innkeeper.  Hmm.  Greta's room has its own door to the outside, huh?  So poisoning the well would be a snap.  Ask Bert to let you into Greta's room, and he'll refuse.  Damn.  Who else might have a key?  Don't most inns have waitresses?  Where's the Outside Inn's waitress?

28.  Talk to Bert again and ask about refreshments.  He'll tell you to help yourself because the waitress, Eleanor, is sick.  Ah!

29.  Go to the gathering of adult patients and talk to Eleanor.  She's thrilled that her daughter isn't going to die -- at least not yet -- and she's so grateful she'll gladly give you a key to Greta's room.

30.  Exit the Inn, turn right, go out through the gap in the fence and turn right again.  There's a door there, and your key fits it.  Enter Greta's room.

31.  Search Greta's room.  When you find a letter, read it.  Hmm.  Looks like she's all about cooperating with the Riverfordians, not killing them.  She's not our poisoner.  You've finished the Suspect: The Rival quest.

32.  Time for another search!  Find Elizabeth -- she should be along the riverbank, in the village.  Tell her that Shani suspects that the illness may be poisoning.  She'll be eager to let you search her house, as the fastest way of clearing her brother.

33.  Follow Elizabeth to her house, go down to the basement, and search Stephen's workbench.  Hmm, there's a partially-completed doll in here.  Take it.  Once you take the doll, Elizabeth will come over and talk to you about it.  Oh, geeze.  The guy's making a doll for one of the kids who's sick.  This isn't looking too likely.  If you want Elizabeth's card, ask her if she'd be interested in expressing her gratitude personally.  The two of you will go upstairs, to Elizabeth's bed.  Afterwards, she'll reaffirm her love for her fiancé ... but imply that her time with you has been special.

34.  All right, enough of dallying with Liz.  Back to the basement and look around some more.  What's that portrait on the table next to the bed?  Walk over towards the portrait, and you'll get a cutscene where you ask Elizabeth about the portrait, and she'll explain.  Okay.  Definitely not our poisoner.  You've finished the Suspect: The Prodigal quest.

35.  Well, if it's not Greta and it's not Stephen, who is it, then?  Liz suggests that John might know.  Okay, back to the invaluable John.  During the morning and afternoon, he'll be in the Dye Works; if it's evening, he'll be in the Inn.  (If it's night, he'll be asleep behind locked doors; you can meditate or use the time to fulfill one of the witcher's contracts.)  Hmm.  So an Order soldier -- no, better than that, a doctor -- seemed "a few apples short of a bushel" and threatened Riverford.  He'd have the knowledge and skill for poisoning.  You'll get the Suspect: The Fanatic quest.  But where might he be?  John suggests that George knows the most about places to hide.

36.  Talk to George.  If it's morning or early afternoon, he's doing light carpentry around the village; if it's late afternoon or evening, he's in the Inn.  He'll suggest a few places that Geralt will shoot down, then come up with the idea of the underground room.  You can listen to the story behind the room if you like; in either case, you'll get a key to the room and a map point showing you where it is.  (If you like, you can also take a conversational path that will get him to explain his somewhat unusual speech pattern.)

37.  Leave the Inn and go to the underground room.  Walk over towards the table, and Geralt will observe that it contains a mortar and pestle, a huge quantity of apples, and a pile of apple seeds.  Yeah, this is our guy.

38.  Talk to the Order Fanatic.  Whew.  Well, he's crazy, but he's not pretending that he didn't do it; our path is clear.  Kill the Order Fanatic, then search his corpse.  A cryptic letter, huh?  Well, those beg to be read.  You've finished the Suspect: The Fanatic quest.

39.  If you want all six of the sex cards, you'll need to get any you haven't gotten yet (except for Shani's) before you finish the Murky Waters quest.  
  a.  Do you want Jane's card?  She watches over the sheep during the day, both the sheep that are in the field near the Inn and the sheep that are along the riverbank, from just outside of the village clear down to the ford.  She's in the Inn during the evening.  Talk to Jane, and she'll tell you that she's minding the sheep this month.  Show a personal interest in her by saying, "Just this month?" and then follow up with a conversation about reading.  When you're done talking to Jane, be playful and tell her, "Bye.  Give my best to the sheep," and she'll offer her card.  If you take her up on it, the two of you will go to the hay barn for your tryst.
  b.  Do you want Hexenmeister Raven's card?  She hangs out at the Inn with the other travelers, just inside the door.  (No, she's not a prostitute; she uses the same model that Blue Eyes used in the main game, but that's just to make her pretty.  What she really is, is a Geralt groupie.)  Talk to her, and she'll proposition you in a no-nonsense way.  Take her up on it, and the two of you will retire to her bedroom in the Inn for your tryst.  (And the references to "naked Geralt" are because she kept asking for that very thing, back when she was modding The Witcher.  I couldn't make her a model, so this was the closest I could get to giving her the naked Geralt she wanted. :-) )

40.  Go find John or George and tell them that the well is safe.  Then go find Shani and tell her the same thing.  You've finished the Murky Waters quest.  

41.  Now that Shani isn't caring for patients around the clock, you guys can be alone.  She's had a hellish week or two and asks for Geralt's help in thinking about something else.  Aw, what a good guy he is, to be so helpful.

42.  After you and Shani have finished your tryst, leave her room.  As soon as you enter the Outside Inn, a messenger will come up to you, with an urgent summons from Lambert.  Sick?  Vesemir and Eskel are SICK?  But witchers don't GET sick!  Oh, shit, it's a created disease.  Those stolen witchers secrets have been used to make an illness that's especially targeted to witchers.  Lovely.  You'll get a new quest:  Journey to Kaer Morhen.

43.  If you left Vetala alive, go see him and ask him if he'd like to come to Carraigh Crypt with you.  It turns out that he's always wanted to go there.  I guess a talking ghoul must get pretty lonely.

44.  Go see Shani and tell her that you're ready to leave.  What's this?  Dye?  Hmm.  Your white hair IS your most identifiable feature, at least from a distance.  Do you want to disguise yourself, or do you want to go as is?  It's up to you.

45.  If you want to dye your hair, you get the Brown Wolf quest.  Go next door to the Dye Works, where John will have left the celebration to check on something.  Talk to him, tell him you heard he had dye, and he'll offer it gladly.  Presto!  One brown-haired Geralt.  Say, that IS a pretty good disguise, isn't it?  You sure look different!  You'll finish the Brown Wolf quest.

46.  If you haven't finished The Centipede Contract or the Troll Bridge contract and want to, you still can.  If you've already done them or don't feel like doing them, then head back to the Inn and tell Shani that you're ready to leave Riverford.

47.  It's dawn, and all of the villagers have gathered to see you off.  And since Riverford is rich, as villages go, you actually get paid for a change.  AND seven bottles of apple brandy.

48.  If you killed the troll, you'll be leaving via the bridge.  If you didn't kill the troll, you'll have to go by a different route, which will add fifty miles to your journey.  

49.  If you killed the troll, you'll take a short walk, then get into a boat that will take you most of the way to Kaer Morhen.  The boat will let you off at From the Ferry to the Crypt.  If you let Vetala live, he'll have entered the ferry once you were out of sight of the village, and he'll be there when you leave the ferry.  Skip to # 53.

50.  If you didn't kill the troll, you'll walk to The Beginning of the Journey.

51.  If you let Vetala live, he'll join you here, at The Beginning of the Journey.  Follow the path, but watch out for echinopsae.  Once you reach the water, enter the hut and talk to the man inside.  He'll tell you that the ferry boat isn't running because of a monster in the way.  Oh, is that all?  Lucky for him there's a witcher on hand.  You'll get the Ferry Blocker quest.

52.  Leave the ferry office, turn left, and cross the little bridge.  You should see a Devourer Mother.  Kill it, then return to the ferry office and tell the ferryman it's dead.  You've finished the Ferry Blocker quest.  He'll ask for a minute to gather his stuff (you can meditate at his fire if you wish).  Talk to him again, and you and Shani (and Vetala, if he's with you) will take the ferry.

53.  The ferry will leave you off at From the Ferry to the Crypt.  Go up the hill.  The building on your right is the Fir Tree Inn -- sadly underpopulated at the moment, due to the avalanche.  You can enter the Inn or not, as you please -- you can meditate (and make potions) there, and there's also a small shop.  If Shani's necklace is burning a hole in your pocket, you can sell it here.

54.  And look -- there wasn't a battle here recently, so the fields haven't been trampled and burned.  The place is filled with herbs.  You can pick them or not, as pleases you.  There's also a crate in a wagon, just beyond the Fir Tree Inn, which you can loot for some more strong alcohol, not that you really need more.

55.  Continue on down the path.  You'll see a bunch of large rocks on your right, and Geralt will comment that if the tail end of the avalanche reaches this far, there's no way that he could take the usual path through the mountains.

56.  There are wolves in the trees, but they're easy.  Shani will help you with them, not that you need it, and Vetala (if he's with you) will swipe at a wolf or two.

57.  Enter Carraigh Crypt.

58.  The entrance hall of the crypt is populated by the Mistress of the Crypt and her minions: two garkains, a bruxa, and an alp.  If you have Vetala with you, he and the Mistress will have a short conversation, where she welcomes him to his new home, and Vetala will stop following you.  If you killed Vetala, the Mistress will not be friendly, and you'll have to fight her and all her little friends.

59.  If you have Vetala with you and the Mistress is friendly, you can't take any of her stuff; if the Mistress is dead, of course she won't object if you pinch her property.  She mostly just has perfume, though -- the undead do have an odor about them, which the Mistress aparently likes to disguise.

60.  Just beyond the room you entered by is a corridor crossroads, plus a cemetaur and graveir.  Kill the undead.  If you want the fastest path through the crypt, take the first path to your left.

61.  Go straight down the corridor.  There are critters you can fight in several of the side rooms, but they're not obligatory.  The very end of the corridor is blocked, so turn right into the last room before the end.

62.  If you've dyed your hair, as you walk through this room, Geralt will note that it looks as if a bunch of people who aren't undead have been living there.  Strange. 
If you did not dye your hair, you'll be kidnapped at this point and thrown into a cell.  Skip to #68.

63.  Continue through the room and out the other side; if you want the fastest path through the crypt, take the first left, then left again and exit.

64.  Yay!  You're in Kaer Morhen Valley.  Just a short run to get home.

65.  From the exit from the Crypt, turn left and run until you reach the water, then turn left again.  You'll come upon a few bloedzuigers, which you can take out fairly easily or even just run through -- they're slow.

66.  As you run along the river, eventually you'll reach a point where Geralt declares that he's not getting any closer to Kaer Morhen with "this crap" in his hair.  You'll get a short cutscene of Geralt washing his hair in the river.

67.  Continue on to Kaer Morhen.  As you step onto the drawbridge, Triss will meet you.  You've finished the Journey to Kaer Morhen quest.
     a.  If you killed the troll AND let Vetala live, Triss will tell you that you made good time, that the patients are holding steady, and that Lambert is a surprisingly good nursemaid.  (Poor thing doesn't realize that Lambert nursed HER when she was sick!)  She'll compliment you on bringing a doctor with you (Whew -- no catfight!), and invite you inside.  You'll get a cutscene where Geralt, Triss and Shani walk into Kaer Morhen.  Vesemir and Eskel are in beds by the fire, with Lambert sitting on a stool watching over them.  Geralt checks on Vesemir while Shani checks on Eskel, then Geralt, Triss, and Lambert gather around the table to discuss what to do about the created illness.  End of Chapter 1.
     b.  If you killed the troll AND killed Vetala, Triss will complain that it took you awhile to get there, and Geralt will explain that an avalanche blocked the usual route through the mountains, and he had to fight his way through Carraigh Crypt.  She'll tell you that Lambert is now sick, too; Geralt is the only witcher who isn't sick.  She'll compliment you on bringing a doctor with you (Whew -- no catfight!), and invite you inside.  You'll get a cutscene where Geralt, Triss and Shani walk into Kaer Morhen.  Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert are all in beds by the fire.  Geralt checks on Vesemir while Shani checks on Eskel, then Geralt and Triss gather around the table to discuss what to do about the created illness.  End of Chapter 1.
   c.  If you didn't kill the troll, Triss will complain that it took you awhile to get there, and Geralt will explain that the Riverford bridge was out, which required that they go the long way around.  She'll tell you that Lambert is now sick, too; Geralt is the only witcher who isn't sick.  She'll compliment you on bringing a doctor with you (Whew -- no catfight!), and invite you inside.  You'll get a cutscene where Geralt, Triss and Shani walk into Kaer Morhen.  Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert are all in beds by the fire.  Geralt checks on Vesemir while Shani checks on Eskel, then Geralt and Triss gather around the table to discuss what to do about the created illness.  End of Chapter 1.

68.  Geralt is in a cell with a Jailer, a few corpses of previous inhabitants of the cell, and a couple of rats.  Your weapons and armor have been removed, though you still have the rest of your stuff.  You'll fail the Journey to Kaer Morhen quest.  Talk to the Jailer, and he'll explain that he doesn't have the key to the door of the cell, so neither threatening him or killing him will get you out of there.  You're stuck.  End of Chapter 1.  (If you get this ending, don't worry --  you haven't lost the game.  You'll start "Medical Problems 2" in this same cell, but that's not necessarily a bad thing....)

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