I Want Your Face -- Yes, YOURS -- For a Game I'm Making

I want your face! Yes, YOURS!

Want to be IN a computer game?

I'm making a computer game, and I need a lot of photographs of people. 

I need young people, old people, middle-aged people, children, babies -- every age group.  I need all races and ethnicities.  I need a few pretty people, a hell of a lot of ordinary-looking people, and some fairly unattractive people.

In other words, I need YOU!

My game is set in the US, but the thing about the US is that people from all over the world have moved here and made this place their home.  So no matter where you live now or what you look like, someone in America looks a lot like you.  Plus, the game will be set in a university town, so in addition to American citizens, the game will also have characters who are foreign students studying abroad.  Really, no matter what you look like, I can use you!

I'm a beginning independent game developer, and I have NO budget, so unfortunately, I can't pay you.  IF I manage to finish the game, and IF it meets my standards once it's done, I MIGHT try to sell it for around $5.  But it's possible that I won't manage to finish the project or that I'll decide that it isn't good enough to release as anything but freeware, possibly even that it isn't good enough to release at all.  And even if I finish it, like it, and try to sell it, it's extremely, overwhelmingly probable that no one will buy it or that I'll sell a handful of copies for a tiny amount.  If I, myself, make a penny per hour for my work, I'll be surprised. :-)

BUT, if I use your picture, I'll give you a free version of the game if/when it's released.  I wish I could offer more, but unfortunately, I haven't GOT more.  But I figure that by giving you a game, I'm giving you the right to call yourself a professional model.  If you got paid (even if just in a game that costs $5), then you're a pro, right? :-)

Pictures might be used as is, but it's quite likely that they'll be "comicified", like this:

Original photo:

Cartoon version:

If you're willing to let me take your picture, I'll need you to sign a Model Release, which will basically say that you know that I intend to use this picture in a computer game, and that's okay, you signed up for that.  

You can find the Model Release in rtf format (read with WordPad) here, or in PDF (read with Adobe Acrobat reader) here.

If you'd like to be in the game, then please see the Model Details page for instructions about what pictures to send and where to send them.

So, want to be in a computer game?