Starfleet Career for The Sims 1

I've made a Starfleet career — patterned after the Star Trek TV show — for The Sims 1.  Five years ago, I made a Starfleet career for The Sims 3, available on ModTheSims at  So I do have a track record with both Starfleet and Sims careers. :-)

I've made Starfleet uniforms to go with the career, the meshes for which are already in your game.  The career can be thought of as going with any of the Star Trek series, but the uniforms are those of Star Trek's original series.  Garment creation is really NOT my forte, and I could only manage the relatively simple uniforms of the original series. :-)  The women's uniforms are just like the men's.  Although I mostly adore Star Trek's original series, putting working Starfleet officers in miniskirts is crazy, so I've given the female officers the protection of long trousers.

Here are the uniforms:

The career levels are job descriptions, not just ranks. I figure the progression of military ranks is not all that interesting; what's interesting is what FUNCTION your sim has in Starfleet. So that's what I gave you.  You can serve as a Redshirt or a Helmsman or a Science Officer and things like that.  Getting promoted quickly out of the Redshirt position is probably wise. :-)

Every level of the career has a chance card, and all of the chance cards except the Redshirt level are positive.  Most of them give you a point or two towards the skills you'll need for your next promotion.  I've given you a high probability of getting a chance card, so you'll probably see most of them.  If you'd prefer a lesser likelihood of getting a chance card, you can use the Career Creator program to adjust the probability of getting a chance card.  You don't need the program to play this career, though; I've given you all the files you need. 

(If you want the Career Creator program, you can get it (for free, of course) at the Useful Programs page at SimEchoes: )

This career is about as difficult as the Military career, requiring about the same number of skill points.  The Military career is one of the more difficult Sims 1 careers, but really, it's Starfleet, after all — this career is for the best and brightest; Starfleet is no place for slackers. :-)

To reach Level 10, you'll need a lot of Logic, a lot of Charisma, and a fair amount of Mechanical and Body, with a dash of Creativity.  This is a good career for Serious sims who are also Active and Outgoing.  You should probably spend a lot of time playing chess with a buddy, and you might want my More Fun Chess Table as an additional download. :-)

Unlike in most entry-level careers, you won't get promoted automatically from Level 1 to Level 2, because you need some skills to be promoted to Level 2.  You're a student at Starfleet Academy during the Level 1 job, so of course you need to know something in order to be promoted.

Although Starfleet is only a QUASI-military organization, I thought Military was the closest of standard Sims 1 careers, so I followed the model of the Military career in giving a generous starting salary (by entry-level Sims 1 standards).  The top level of the career earns a salary that's right in the middle of the Sims 1 careers; there are ten careers where the top pay is higher and nine careers where the top pay is lower.

I figure that Starfleet is intended to be a meritocracy, so there are very few friends needed for this career.  In Starfleet, it's WHAT you know, not WHO you know that enables you to get ahead.  Star Trek is known for its idealistic view of the future, after all. :-)

Although the highest levels of Starfleet in Star Trek are admirals and the Commander in Chief, those aren't the highest levels of this career.  Admiral isn't what most people really want to experience when they think of Starfleet; they think about being the captain or the science officer.  It made sense to include admiral and Commander in Chief as the final career levels in The Sims 3, where the sims age — so they'd need a less-strenuous ground posting after a certain age — but given that Sims 1 sims are ageless, I made the tenth level of the career Captain.  Because admirals may have a higher rank, but captains have WAY more fun. :-)

Sadly, I couldn't have a starship beam you up to go to work; you get a carpool in the usual way.  We'll pretend that the carpool is to the transporter facility. :-)  For the first two levels, you attend Starfleet Academy, and after that, you'll be serving on a starship.

Here's what the first level of the career looks like.  You may recognize the faces of one or two of my testers. :-)

Since the newspaper only gives you one job offer per day, and the computer only gives you three, I recommend that you get the Z-80 Computer by Gnohmon, which offers a LOT more jobs per day.

Some people like to know everything about a career before they sign up for it, though personally, I think half the fun of a career is seeing what the next job level is and what they say about it.  So I'll list all ten job levels but put them on a separate page, so those who want to see everything can look, but those who want to be surprised won't be spoiled.  If you want to see all the job details, you can find them here:  StarfleetCareerDetailPage.html
And the chance cards are here: StarfleetCareerChanceCards.html

Installation -- Very important!

It isn't possible to add additional careers to The Sims 1 — we're limited to the number that comes with the game, so the way the Career Creator program works is by substituting this career for one of the existing careers.  I've had the Starfleet career replace the Crime career, since that's the one I never play. 

The Crime career isn't overwritten, though; it's only replaced temporarily.  When you want the Crime career back, just take the files I've given you out of the folders they go into, and you can once again get a job as a Pickpocket.  But I hope you'll enjoy being a Starfleet officer more! :-)

You do NOT need the Career Creator program to use this career; all you need are the files I give you.

The Starfleet uniforms only go with the career; you can't dress regular sims in them.  (I can make a separate download where the uniforms have been re-named so as to be usable for any sim if there's interest in that.)

Sadly, the "export" function of Career Creator doesn't work, so the only way to share a new career is to give people the entire Work.iff file.  The Work.iff file I've given you is exactly like the Maxis one, except that the Starfleet career replaces the Life of Crime career.  If you want to use another custom career, you'll need to uninstall this one before installing that one.

Do NOT put these files in your Downloads folder, because they will not work there! 

Careers are pretty complicated, so there are several files you need to have a new career.

1.  Put the Work.iff file in your Maxis\ExpansionShared folder.

2.  Put the CarPortal.iff file in your Maxis\GameData\Objects folder.

3.  Put the uniform files (the ones that end in .bmp) in your Game Data\Textures folder.  Make sure you take those files OUT of the folder they come in; the .bmp files need to be in your Textures folder with NO subfolders.  I used a mesh that's already in the game, so you don't need a mesh file, just the texture files.

4.  Put the cpanel folder (yes, the whole folder) in your Maxis\UIGraphics folder.

** This career was made with a game installation that has all the expansion packs; I don't know how or if it works if you're missing a pack. **

The Download:

I hope you'll enjoy playing this career.  Boldly go!

I made this career for my own use, but I went to the trouble of uploading it in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy. So if you enjoy it, I'd love to hear about it! I don't get mail at, but you can leave a comment in the thread announcing the career at ModTheSims or at Reddit or send me a PM at either of those places; I'm Corylea at both.

Uniforms only

Someone asked if I would re-number the Starfleet uniforms so that they could be worn by sims who are NOT in the Starfleet career, and I have done so.  The mesh is the B003 mesh that comes with the game, so you don't need a mesh file, just the textures.  All of these are for Fit sims, except that I've also made the blue Science uniform available for skinny men, because Mr. Spock is a slender guy. :-)  

Uniform-only download:

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