Pictures from "Medical Problems"

Geralt drops in to see Shani, only to find her frantic with worry about an illness that she's been unable to cure. Geralt obtains the monster parts she needs for her medicine, they brew up a potion together, and their investigation into the causes of that illness eventually leads them to an international conspiracy that only Geralt can deal with.... Funny how in Geralt's life, even little things always seem to become more complicated. :-)

Geralt and Shani make a healing potion

The village of Riverford has manufactured dye for generations. They're proud of their work and often say that Riverford gives the world the gift of color. Because creating color is a big part of their daily lives, they value color and use it ... perhaps more than is strictly tasteful. :-)

The village of Riverford

Geralt will need to go through a crypt during a journey.  There's a chance that some of the creatures in the crypt will be friendly, but what do friendly undead DO with themselves all day?  Here's one possible answer....

Vampires play a lute, a flute, and a drum.

Cast of Characters:

John:                                                            George:                                             Elizabeth:

a picture of John, the unofficial major of Riverford              picture of John's father, George                   picture of Elizabeth

Maria:                                                           Greta:                                                Stephen:

a picture of Maria                           a picture of Greta                  a picture of Stephen

Anne:                                               Grace:                                                  ???:

a picture of Anne              a picture of Anne's daughter, Grace                   a picture of an unknown person

And of course

          Shani:                                                                                               Triss:

picture of Shani                                                           a picture of Triss

                                                             And the villagers: