A few fun things to notice in "Medical Problems"

1.  The self-filling apples, beer, and pork in the Outside Inn.  You can take a serving of any of those things, but since there's a lot more than a single serving available, if you open it again, you can take another serving.  Over and over again!

2.  Some of the kids have funny lines when they're sick.  Talk to all the sick kids -- since the conversations are very short, it doesn't take long.

3.  Unlike in the main game, if you have sex with one of the women, you'll go somewhere else, and time will pass, and the woman will say something about it to you afterwards.

4.  While you're in Riverford, go and look at the guys digging colored clay out of the hillside.

5.  While you're in Riverford, look at the Melitele statue in the center of the village; it looks pretty cool at night.

6.  While you're in Elizabeth's house (you can't get in there in the beginning of the game, but you'll be able to get in later), notice the paintings on the wall over the beds on the ground floor.

7.  Walk into Riverford Dye Works and look around -- there are lots of brightly-colored things here, and lots of bubbling cauldrons.  And there's an advertisement for the Dye Works on the wall.

8.  Late in the game, talk to the messenger and ask him how he knows Lambert.

9.  Do you recognize where you are in From the Ferry to the Crypt?  Yes, it's the Outskirts.  Looks different, doesn't it?

10.  If the higher undead in the crypt are friendly, notice what they're doing.  It's an undead orchestra!