"Medical Problems 2:  The Witcher Disease" Walkthrough

Note:  This walkthrough is (necessarily) full of spoilers.  If you get stuck while playing MP2, please feel free to go to the MP2 thread on the Witcher forum and ask for hints.  This walkthrough is mostly intended for playing "emergencies" or for completionists who want to see all the possible paths without having to play every possible permutation of the game.

1.    Watch the opening movie, which will remind you of what happened in "Medical Problems 1" (henceforth "MP1").

2.    You're in the Hairy Bear, talking with Dandelion, who wants to hear all about your adventures.  Answer his questions in any way you wish; the answers you select will determine the starting point for your adventure.

3.    a.  If you select "Shani and I got there quickly," you'll find yourself on the second floor of Kaer Morhen.  Open your inventory, and you'll see that you have the 1000 orens that Riverford paid you for solving their little problem, the 7 bottles of apple brandy they gave you as part of your reward, the necklace that Shani gave you as payment for getting her ingredients for her medicine, a bunch of apples, and a few other items.
    Vesemir and Eskel are resting by the fire, very sick.  Lambert is watching over them while Triss and Shani both do research on the illness.  The illness is a combination of biology and magic, so it takes both Shani's researches into the physical aspect of things and Triss' researches into the magical aspect of things to find a way of keeping our witchers alive.
    Skip to #4.

    b.  If you select "Shani and I didn't get there until Lambert had also fallen ill," you'll find yourself on the second floor of Kaer Morhen.  Open your inventory, and you'll see that you have the 1000 orens that Riverford paid you for solving their little problem, the 7 bottles of apple brandy they gave you as part of your reward, the necklace that Shani gave you as payment for getting her ingredients for her medicine, a bunch of apples, and a few other items.
    Skip to 3. d.

    c.  If you select "A band of the enemy's henchmen kidnapped me and threw me in a cell," you'll find yourself in a basement, full of rats, with some bones, a locked door leading up, and a jailer.  Open your inventory, and you'll see that you have the 1000 orens that Riverford paid you for solving their little problem, the 7 bottles of apple brandy they gave you as part of your reward, the necklace that Shani gave you as payment for getting her ingredients for her medicine, a bunch of apples, and a few other items, but no swords and no armor.  Talk to the jailer, and he'll take you to see the boss.  The boss turns out to be a red-haired mage, who just starts to tell you what the hell is going on when Triss rescues you.
    When you get back, you discover that Shani ran to Kaer Morhen and notified Triss that you'd been kidnapped.  Triss searched for you magically, which took her a few days, and she teleported you out -- and all your stuff -- as soon as she found you.  You'll get your swords and armor back.

    d.  Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert are resting by the fire, very sick.  Triss and Shani are both alternating between doing research on the illness and caring for the patients.  (Hmm.  Triss seems to be mostly taking care of Lambert ... I thought that squabbling they did in TW1 might be a cover for attraction. :-))  The illness is a combination of biology and magic, so it takes both Shani's researches into the physical aspect of things and Triss' researches into the magical aspect of things to find a way of keeping our witchers alive.  

4.  Talk to Shani, ask her how the patients are doing, and agree to get her some ingredients for medicine.  She'll teach you about Ruby Mushrooms (you'll get a new journal entry for them), and she'll ask for 4 Ruby Mushrooms, three Giant Centipede venom glands, and 2 Kickimore claws.  You'll get the Medicine Man quest.  She'll also tell you that Triss has something for you.
    Talk to Triss, and she'll discuss the problem of the illness with you, then give you a teleport scroll.  This scroll is bright red and will be in the quest items section of your inventory; reading it will take you to the second floor of Kaer Morhen, just outside the door to the room where the other witchers are resting.  You will have this scroll for most of the game, though it will be removed in certain circumstances, such as when you're in a place that you can't teleport out of.  You'll start the Witcher Disease quest.
    Loot the crate under the window for some Swallow and Insectoid Oil.

5.  If you played the adventure "The Price of Neutrality," you remember that there's a cave behind Kaer Morhen that has kickimores in it.  (If you didn't play "The Price of Neutrality or don't remember it, the location of the cave is marked on your map.)  That's one of the ingredients you need, so leave the castle and go outside.  The outside of the castle is fairly elaborate, but eventually you run past all the stairs, ramps, walls, and assorted debris into the area outside of the castle.  Go around behind the castle and enter the cave.  Yep, kickimores.  They're just little ones, though, so Geralt can kill them without even breaking a sweat.  Collect their claws, and the Medicine Man quest will update.  
    Oh, look, and there are Ruby Mushrooms, in this same cave.  Collect 4 of them, and the Medicine Man quest will update again.

6.  Run down to the stream, turn right, and run along the river.  At the end of MP1, there were some bloedzuigers here.  If you started the game at Kaer Morhen, there's nothing between you and the centipedes, because it's assumed that Geralt killed the bloedzuigers on his way to Kaer Morhen at the end of MP1.  If you started the game in a cell, then Geralt didn't have a chance to kill the bloedzuigers before -- and Shani certainly didn't kill them when she ran through here on her way to Kaer Morhen -- so they're still here.  They're fairly slow, so you can kill them if you wish, or just run through them.
    A glance at your map will show you when you're getting close to the field where the Giant Centipedes live.  Kill at least 3 Giant Centipedes, collect their venom glands, and the Medicine Man quest will update again, telling you it's time to take the ingredients to Shani.  Well, you could run back to the castle, but you've got this nifty teleport scroll, so let's try it out.  Read the red scroll, and you'll see the turquoise ring of the teleport effect form around you.  And ... here you are, back on the second floor of Kaer Morhen.  The turquoise ring lingers for a few seconds, then winks off.

7.  Go into the Evening Hall and give the ingredients to Shani.  The Medicine Man quest will update and complete, and Shani will warn you that the medicine will only keep the witchers from dying; it won't make them anything close to well.  She'll also tell you that Triss has something to explain to you.  Hmmm.  That sounds faintly ominous.

8.  Talk to Triss, and she'll tell you that although she hasn't learned to cure the disease, she thinks she's figured out how to prevent it.  Since (if you got there early) Lambert shows signs of coming down with it, it's too late to prevent the disease in him, but not in you.  Oh, boy, a new, untried potion.  Triss is almost certain it won't kill you. :-)  But our Geralt is a brave boy, and he drinks the potion.  It takes effect quickly, and

9.  Geralt is apparently in a new place, though it seems likely that this new place is actually a hallucination induced by that new, untried potion you just drank.  Well, you won't get out of it by just standing here.  Let's explore!  (You don't have your teleportation scroll for this segment, of course, since you can't escape a hallucination by teleporting out of it.)

10.  Okay, this place is freaky.  The sky is red, the sand is purple, and ... is that Jacques De Aldersburg up ahead, among the, er, giant mushrooms.  Yep.  The grandmaster will approach you for a short conversation, then pop out of existence, since he's just a soap bubble of the mind.  

11.    Continue on, and ... hey, who's the purple babe?  She calls you "Beloved," but you've never seen her before.  Still, she's gorgeous, and she's offering to have sex with you.  Take her up on it or not, as you choose.  Regardless of whether you accept or reject her advances, she'll pop out eventually, just as the grandmaster did.  

12.    Keep going.  Ah, it's Alvin.  He asks some questions, and you can either feel guilty for not having taken better care of the poor, traumatized boy who was once in your care, or you can disclaim all responsibility for him.  If you say you wish you'd behaved differently, Alvin will pop out, a soap bubble like all the others.  If you say that you weren't responsible for him, he'll grow to giant size and tell you that he's now a monster, and since monsters are a witcher's responsibility, he must be your responsibility NOW.  Ah.  Looks like you have to kill him.  Since he's a monster, use your silver sword.  After you finish with Alvin -- in whichever fashion you finish with him -- continue on ahead.

13.  Gee, that guy training with the sword up ahead looks familiar.  What's HE doing in your hallucination?  Well, since this is all happening in your head, who else would you expect to find here? :-)  You have three choices when you talk with him, and depending on how you answer, you either get told, "You are wise.  Pass, then," or you have to fight him.  Once you've finished with that other Geralt, continue on.

14.  As you walk forward, you see a woman in a long dress.  Geralt tells her that he can tell that she's realer than the people he's been talking with so far, and she confirms it.  She's a sorceress, who's talking with him mind-to-mind, while his hallucination makes him more receptive to mind-to-mind contact than he usually is.  They talk, and she warns him off.  Geralt concludes that she's the one who's behind the witchers' created illness, and she retreats in confusion.  You'll get an update of the Witcher Disease quest.

15.  Cross the water to the little island, and you'll find a telportation portal.  Hmm.  This must be your mind's way of snapping you out of the hallucination.  Well, there's nothing left to do here, so tell the portal you want to go back to reality.

16.  You wake up in Kaer Morhen, and Triss tells you that you were unconscious for 20 minutes.  You can meditate to heal up damage if you took any during your fights in your hallucination, but you're probably doing okay.  When you're ready, talk to Triss.  She'll call Shani and Lambert in for a conference, and Geralt will walk to the head of the table.  PLEASE LET GERALT WALK WHERE HE NEEDS TO GO.  When he walks by himself, it's usually important.  It won't take long, so just let him go. :-)
    If you're playing the "Shani and I got there early" path, Lambert will join the conversation without fanfare.  If you're playing either of the other two paths, Lambert is sick, and there will be a short cutscene of him struggling up off of his sickbed to join the conversation, because he has important information to impart.

17.  When Geralt gets to the head of the table, a four-way conversation will start.  Our heros talk about the stolen witchers' secrets and speculate about who could be using them to create an illness that's especially formulated to overcome witchers' usual immunity to disease.  How can they start an investigation into the problem when the only lead they have is a sorceress seen during a hallucination?  Since Salamandra has been broken and dismantled, THEY aren't causing the disease.  So they must have sold those stolen witchers' secrets to someone else.  Come to think of it, they were desperate for money during Chapter 3 of the main game.  But how can you find out who might have bought those stolen secrets?  Lambert reveals that he has a fence on his payroll, someone who's been feeding information to the witchers for the past several years.  Our heros agree that Geralt will go see this fence and pump him for information.  The fence lives in the outskirts of Ban Ard, and when Geralt is ready, Triss will teleport him there.

18.  After the four-way conversation breaks up, Lambert will walk over to the pallets by the fire and lie down.  If you're playing the "Shani and I got there quickly path, " then crap.  Lambert's sick, too, now.  If you want to, you can ask Triss how he is.  If you're playing either of the other paths, then Lambert has been sick all along, and there's no need to ask Triss how he is (at least, not more than any of the others).
    Talk to Triss and tell her that you're ready to go to Ban Ard.  She and Geralt will walk to the other end of the room from where the patients are (Geralt walks by himself -- just let him go) and she'll teleport him out.  

19.  Well, here you are in the outskirts of Ban Ard.  The Witcher Disease quest will update.  You're looking for a fence named Jackdaw and also for some witcher's work, since you may need funds for the investigation.  Run along the road, until you get to the place where the road straightens out and becomes more town-like.  The first house on the left will be Jackdaw's -- there's a sign with a circle on it out front.

20.  Go inside the house/shop, and you'll see Jackdaw's wife, who's known as "Mrs. Jack."  Since Jackdaw himself doesn't seem to be around, talk to her -- maybe she knows where he is.  Oh, dear.  Kidnapped, huh?  By a band of thieves that's nastier than the ones Jackdaw usually deals with.  If you want to talk to Jackdaw, you'll have to go and get him back, then.  You'll get the Rescue Jackdaw quest.  The Old Mine, huh?  Just mark that on my map, please.

21.  Leave Jackdaw's house and go back outside.  A glance at your map shows that the Old Mine is on the other side of the river.  Run down the main street and onto the bridge, then take the stairs down and to the left.  A pair of low-level thugs is guarding the door to the Old Mine, and as you approach, they'll tell you to go away.  They aren't bright enough for conversation, so you'll have to kill them.  Once they're dead, enter the Old Mine.

22.  There are more thugs inside the mine, but they're not much of a challenge.  They may be enough to intimidate the locals, but Geralt doesn't even have to breathe hard to knock off low-level thugs like these.  Two groups of three thugs will come at you.  Once you've killed them all, the Rescue Jackdaw quest will update.  Time to talk with Eric Redbeard.

23.  Huh.  Eric Redbeard is so used to being a big fish in this tiny pond that he thinks you're actually auditioning for membership in his gang.  As if!  You have a choice here -- you can either kill Eric Redbeard or intimidate him into backing down.  If you kill him, search his body for the key; if you intimidate him, he'll just give you the key.

24.  Go further into the cave, and you'll see a set of double doors.  Click on the door while you have the mine key, and the door will vanish.  Go in, and yep, there's Jackdaw.  Talk to Jackdaw, and he'll suggest that the two of you talk back at his house, then he'll hightail it out of there.

25.  Pick up anything you want in the cave -- sewant mushrooms, cheese, some stolen goods -- then leave the cave and go back to town.  Now that Jackdaw isn't in danger anymore, you can take your time a bit.  There are some townspeople you can talk to, if you like (some of the children are funny), and there are herbs you can pick if you want to.  Hmm.  There's a notice board in front of the church.  Any witcher work?  Yes!  Two jobs:  Ingrid's husband has become a vampire, and she wants him killed.  Read that notice (or talk to Ingrid) and you'll get the quest.  Also, Sven has fleders in his barn.  That's probably not good for the livestock!  Fleas are bad enough, but fleders...  Read the noice or talk to Sven, and you'll get the quest.

(In Chapter 1 of the main game, Geralt can meet a traveler who says that Geralt once "rid my barn of fleders" and pays him for that long-ago job.  It amused me to have Geralt ridding another barn of fleders ... did you catch the reference to that conversation in Chapter 1?)

26.  The witcher's work quests are optional; you can do them or not, as you choose.  If you take Ingrid's job before you talk to Sven, you'll also have the option to ask him about Ingrid's husband, just to make sure that she's telling the truth about the matter.  You can also ask the priestess.  You wouldn't want to kill some guy who'd become a vampire willingly and who wasn't actually hurting anybody ... but no, Ingrid's on the level; you can kill her former husband in good conscience.

27.  After you've done whatever you wish to in town, go into Jackdaw's house and talk with him.  He HAS heard that Salamandra was looking for a buyer for something big, rare, and expensive.  Good!  That's probably the stolen witchers' secrets, then.  He even knows who bought them -- a notorious dwarven thief named Royce Armstrong.  Oh, goody.  The person who has the information you need is wanted by the police of three countries.  That's not going to make him easy to find.  But maybe Zoltan knows him?  Zoltan is a gregarious soul, and he knows an awful lot of dwarves....

28.  Once you've learned everything you can from Jackdaw, use the teleportation scroll to return to Kaer Morhen.  As Geralt walks into the Evening Hall, he sees Shani approach Triss and suggest that they talk about him.  He hides himself, so as to overhear the conversation, and ... what's this?  Now that Triss and Shani have each seen him interact with the other, they each realize that they can't claim to love the man and also want to cut someone so important out of his life.  Shani proposes that they share him, and Triss actually agrees.  Gee, this witcher-disease crisis is actually good for something.

29.  There will be a sex card cutscene, then the three of them will be upstairs next to Triss' bed, where there will be a short conversation.  They'll all agree that this was nice, but they need to get back to work, and Triss and Shani will saunter back downstairs to resume their nursing and research duties.  You still need to tell them what you've learned from Jackdaw, so go back downstairs to the Evening Hall and talk to Triss.  She'll call another meeting, and there will be another four-way converation about what to do next.

30.  During the conversation, Shani will remind Geralt about the letter he found on the Order Fanatic's body, back in Riverford, and will wonder if there's any connection.  By the end of the conversation, the group will have agreed that there are two possible paths to take:  Geralt can go see Zoltan, for a lead on Royce Armstrong, or he can go see Radovid, to see if he wrote the mysterious letter.  There will be a short cutscene where Triss calls Phillipa on the mirror and asks if Phillipa can get Radovid to agree to see Geralt.  Phillipa conveys the news that Radovid had already been wanting to see Geralt and tells Triss where to find Radovid.

31.  After the mirror call is over, go talk to Triss and tell her that you're ready for the next phase of the investigation.  She'll ask you where you want to go, and you'll have the choice of going to Zoltan or going to Radovid.

32.  Tell her that you'd like to go see Zoltan, and she'll teleport you to the outskirts of Mahakam.  Wow.  The houses are hollowed out of the side of the mountain.  That must really keep the snow out in the winter, but what a lot of work -- chipping a house out of solid rock!  Unless you get there in the middle of the night, there should be merchants off to your right -- you can buy food or drink or weapons, if you wish to.  You can also talk to the random dwarves that are wandering around if you want to; some of them have funny lines.  Zoltan's house is right in front of where you landed when you teleported in, so click on his door to enter his house.

33.  Talk to Zoltan and tell him you need help.  He'll agree that Royce Armstrong could have served as a go-between for Salamandra and the buyer of the stolen secrets; unfortunately, Zoltan doesn't know where Royce is.  He offers to call in favors to learn Royce's location, and when Geralt asks just how much learning this will cost him, Zoltan tells him that he won't have to call in any favors if Geralt can kill some monster that's been bothering the dwarves, something they call The Nightmare.  Tell Zoltan that you'll kill the monster, and you'll get the Nightmare quest.  Zoltan will tell you that the monster is in the Ruins and will give you a key.

34.  If you need to rest, there's space for Geralt in the Miner's Rest Tavern; you can get to it from the back door of Zoltan's house or from the Outskirts of Mahakam..  (The name of the tavern is a nod to the tavern Kimball Kinnison went to in E. E. "Doc" Smith's book Gray Lensman.)

35.  Leave Zoltan's house and go to the doors that are in front of you, towards the left.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  (The Ruins area uses a model that's quite large (even though it's not large in the game), and loading that area can be a strain for some older systems.)  Enter the Ruins.   (If loading the Ruins gives you any trouble, turn off any non-essential background tasks, restore from save, and try again.)  The Nightmare will head for you as soon as you enter the Ruins, so get out your silver sword.  If you're playing on anything other than Easy, a Swallow might not be amiss.  Kill the Nightmare.  SAVE THE GAME.

36.  Go back to Zoltan's house and tell him that you killed the Nightmare.  You'll finish the Nightmare quest.  Ask him if he can get the information you need now, and he'll tell you to go kill some time while he asks around.  You can go back outside, or you can go from Zoltan's house via the back door into the Miner's Rest Tavern.  In any case, you need to leave Zoltan's house -- waiting there won't do it.  So, go to the tavern (there's an easter egg there for fans of Terry Pratchett), then return to Zoltan.

37.  Zoltan has the information you need, but the other dwarves would only let him have it if he made certain promises.  One is that you must swear not to turn Royce Armstrong in or tell anybody who he is.  Since Royce only steals from humans and steals as a form of civil disobedience, to point out how much humans have stolen from dwarves, he's not a criminal to the dwarves, and they won't chance having him caught.  Okay, so swear.  Then Zoltan tells you that he's not allowed to tell you the name of the city where Royce Armstrong lives, and he even has to blindfold you on the journey there.  Go along with the conditions -- protesting them or not, as suits you -- and then you'll get a short cutscene of you and Zoltan starting your trip.

38.  Now you're on the road to this city that you're not allowed to know the name of, but you're not alone -- there are wyverns up ahead.  Zoltan tells you to take off the blindfold and help, although he seems to be pretty good at killing wyverns all by himself.  Still, a handful of wyverns is all in a day's work for an experienced witcher like yourself, so go wipe them out.  

39.  There are herbs all around you, many of them herbs that you haven't seen in any of the other places you've been.  This new city you're going to must be pretty out of the way.  Pick herbs if you wish to, then continue on ahead, where there are some archespores.  Kill those, then go on, where you'll see some devourers.  It's a dangeorus road!  Kill the devourers and keep going.  When you get within sight of the city, Zoltan will tell you to put the blindfold back on but to be ready to take it back off at a moment's notice, because you'll be sneaking into the city via its cemetery.  

40.  Okay, now you're in the cemetery, and there are various necrophages, wraiths, and vampires around.  Kill them all, cross the cemetery, and click on the doors on the opposite side of the cemetery.

41.  Now  you're in the city -- the one whose name you still don't know -- and Zoltan tells you that Royce Armstrong's house is now close, and you should follow him there.  Follow him, notice which house he goes into, then click on the door of that house.

42.  Well, the elusive Royce Armstrong!  So a sorceress forced him to help her, huh?  Yeah, I guess we believe him; sorceresses can be like that.  He doesn't know her name or where her lab is, but he does know all about the lab's defenses.  Well, that could be useful, so we might as well get that information.  Royce will write it all down for us, and we should go outside and kill some time.  Sure, there's a whole city here.  Maybe someone will even tell us the name of the damned place. :-)

43.  Leave Royce's house and go back to the main street.  There may be two women talking to one another here; if so, listen to what they have to say to each other.  Hmmm.  So, the mayor's house was broken into, even though the mayor had hired a sorceress to install automatic defenses in his house.  Yeah, sounds like this guy does know his automatic defenses.  That's good to know; maybe we can trust his information.
    There's a notice board in the big clearing.  If you wish to do some witcher's work, you can read the notice.  Inge has critters in her basement.  If you want to help her, go to her house (down near the giant Melitele statue) and talk to her.
    There's a merchant on the other side of the giant Melitele statue, if you want to buy anything.
    And if you'd like a roll in the hay -- even though you have TWO women at home :-) -- talk to Hildegarde and ask her if she'd like to get back into bed with you, then don't apologize when she twits you.
    While you're out and about in town, click on one of the wanted posters.  Yes, Royce Armstrong is wanted ... wanted very much, going by the number of posters.  But the pictures on the posters don't look much like him, so clearly the authorities haven't caught up with him yet.

44.  Go back to Royce Armstrong's house and talk with him.  He'll give you a scroll that gives you the code that unlocks the sorceress' defenses.  While you're talking with Royce and Zoltan, you'll suddenly be teleported out, and NOT by using your trusty teleportation scroll.

45.  Who's this guy?  You've been snatched by a mage, of course -- who else could teleport you out, after all?  What does he want?  Hmmm.  He's not the author of the witcher's disease himself, but he's worried that you've gotten too close to his girlfriend, who IS the one who made the disease.  Damn!  He must have been keeping a watch on Royce Armstrong's house.  You'll have to kill the mage, of course, so do it.  Search his body for loot and his lab, as well.  As you walk towards the stairs, Geralt will notice that there's no door to the outside, so the mage must have teleported in and out.  Well, luckily, you have a teleport scroll.  Now might be the time to use it.

46.  Teleport back to Kaer Morhen and talk to Triss.  That journey that you and Zoltan took to the city took awhile, and Triss was concerned, but you're all right, and you're back.  You even have some information, though still not the information you want most.  Tell Triss everything, then have her teleport you to Radovid.

47.  You're just outside the gate of Radovid's summer retreat.  There are some servants behind and below you, if you feel like talking with them, but there's nothing especially useful there.  So talk to the guards, and they'll take you in to see Radovid.

48.  Talk to Radovid, and he'll explain everything.  He seems so eager to tell you all about it that you realize the guy is actually lonely.  So Radovid did buy the stolen secrets, but he isn't making the disease.  A sorceress in his employ -- Elianna Corbett -- bought them for him but went off and used them without his permission.  He's unhappy about her having done this, unhappy enough to tell you who she is and where her lab is.  He warns you that he doesn't know anything about her defenses, but that's okay -- we've already seen Royce, and we have his scroll that tells us how to get past her defenses.

49.  Radovid asks for Geralt's advice about his plan to make sure that his marriage to Adda occurs by stirring up enough trouble in Temeria for Foltest to need Redania's military to assist him.  The player has a choice here:  you can tell Radovid that his plan is a good idea, and he should keep stirring up trouble, or you can tell him that he has no right to stir up trouble in somebody else's kingdom.

50.  Teleport back to Kaer Morhen and talk to Triss again.  Looks like you have everything you need to proceed, so have her teleport you to Elianna Corbett's laboratory.

51.  You'll arrive in the security antechamber.  There are a bunch of standing stones on each side of you, each with a different symbol on it.  Now would be a good time to read that scroll that Royce Armstrong gave you.  Read the scroll, and learn which stones need to be on.  Touch any stone to turn it on.  If you accidentally turn on one that you don't want on, just touch it again to turn it off.  Turn on the correct stones, then click on the door to the lab.  If you've turned on all the right stones -- and NOT turned on any of the wrong stones -- you'll get the message "Door unlocked," and Geralt will find himself inside Elianna's laboratory.  (If you've turned on the wrong stones, a bolt of lightning will kill Geralt, and you'll need to restore from save.  Now you understand why I have all those autosaves. :-) )

52.  You're going to have to fight her, of course, so now would be a fine time to save the game. :-)  Drink any potions you wish to, and use any oils or stones that you want to on your steel sword.

53.  Walk forward to talk to the evil sorceress, and she'll tell you that she's eager to dissect you.  Oh, yeah, she's a real sweetheart!  Fight her, and when her hitpoints have been reduced enough that she's close to death, she'll yield.  You'll get a short cutscene, where Elianna will kneel and tell you that you win.  Geralt will insist that she make a cure for the sick witchers, and she'll go to her worktable, fiddle around with alchemy flasks for a few moments, then hand Geralt the cure.

54.  Elianna tells Geralt to give two spoonsful of the cure to each sick witcher, and Geralt asks her WHY she wants to kill all the witchers.  Hmm.  So, the mages hadn't been thinking that the witchers were powerful enough to threaten them, but when Geralt killed Azar Javed, they realized that witchers could, in fact, kill them.  And the other reason is ... Triss?  You have a choice to make here.  You can keep faith with Triss and tell Elianna that you don't believe her.  Or you can agree that Triss' behavior is suspicious and that you intend to check it out.  

55.    Geralt realizes that he needs to retrieve Elianna's copy of the stolen witchers' secrets, lest they fall into yet another set of unfriendly hands.  Search the lab, grabbing anything you want, and get the secrets.  There will be a short conversation with Elianna when you take the secrets.  For someone you nearly killed, she's still pretty feisty and defiant.  Bitch.

56.  When you have everything you need from the lab, talk to Elianna again.  She'll want to stay there, but there's no way we're giving this cure to our friends without her standing by.  Geralt and Elianna will teleport back to Kaer Morhen.  As soon as you get there, Elianna will say something snotty about the crumbling castle.  Geralt and Elianna will walk into the Evening Hall together -- please allow Geralt to walk into the Evening Hall when he starts to do so! -- and a four-way conversation with Geralt, Elianna, Triss, and Shani will start.  

57.  So, that "cure" she made us is just colored water, and she refuses to make a real one.  She thinks we'll kill her for her crimes, and if she has to die, she wants to take the witchers with her.  Geralt asks Triss if she can read the information from Elianna's mind, and Triss says that it would be impossible under normal circumstances.  Okay, under what sort of abnormal circumstances would it be possible to read Elianna's mind?  Torture?  Ugh.

58.  If Geralt kept faith with Triss during the conversation with Elianna in which she claimed that she concocted the disease under orders from Triss, then Geralt will have the option of giving the stolen witchers' secrets -- which he has just recovered from Elianna's lab -- to Triss, so that she can use the secrets to reverse-engineer the disease.  If Geralt was ready to believe that Triss might have been the true author of the witchers' illness, then that option is not available, because giving the stolen witchers' secrets to Triss would require trust in Triss that Geralt doesn't have.

59.  If Geralt chooses to torture Elianna -- either because the player voluntarily chooses that option or because the give-Triss-the-secrets option was closed off because of earlier choices -- Shani will try to talk Geralt out of it.  Geralt can either be persuaded by Shani, can choose torture while being reasonably gentle with Shani, or can choose torture while being fairly harsh with Shani.  Your choice will affect future relations with Shani.

60.    a.  If Geralt chooses to give the stolen secrets to Triss, Triss will put Elianna in a stasis field while she works.  Geralt will find himself in the library, and Elianna will be behind bars, surrounded by a glowing blue ball of force.  SKIP TO #61.
    b.  If Geralt chooses to torture Elianna, you'll be teleported to the Witcher's Laboratory for a cutscene in which Elianna is tortured.  This cutscene will be preceeded by a conversation with Shani, in which you can be understanding about her qualms or harsh with her.  If you're on good terms with Triss (that is, you did not believe Elianna when she tried to blame everything on Triss OR you apologized to Triss), the torture cutscene will end with a friendly Triss; if you believed Elianna when she tried to blame everything on Triss -- or if you accuse Triss of wanting to get her hands on the stolen witcher's secrets and tell her that it doesn't take much to lose her goodwill when she gets mad -- then the torture cutscene will end with a hostile Triss.  After the torture is successful, Triss will approach you and tell you that she needs some time to work on the cure, and you can help by not distracting her.  Save your game.  Leave the Witcher Laboratory.  SKIP TO #61.
    c.  If you were too big of a bastard to keep faith with Triss (which means that you don't get the option to give her the secrets) but NOT a big enough bastard to torture Elianna, then your only remaining option is to put the sick witchers into a sanitarium, where they can be continuously cared for.  (If the player makes the wrong set of choices, the other witchers should die. But Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert don't belong to me, so I can't kill them. My "bad" ending has them sent to a sanitarium, where they will be gravely ill for an indefinite period of time -- gravely ill until CDPR puts them in another game, in other words. :-))  The game will end prematurely, with a cutscene about how sad Geralt is that he didn't save his friends.  THE END.

61.  SAVE YOUR GAME.  (The Witcher Laboratory area uses a model that's quite large (even though it's not that large in the game), and loading that area can be a strain for some older systems.)  Enter the Witchers' Laboratory.   (If loading the Witchers' Laboratory gives you any trouble, turn off any non-essential background tasks, restore from save, and try again.)  

62.  Triss will be working at a table in the lab.  Talk to her, and she'll tell you that she's managed to figure out what Elianna did.  She'll then give you the cure.

63.  Go upstairs, talk to Vesemir, and tell him you have medicine for him.  It worked!  Vesemir says that he was never worried, because he knew you were on the job.  Hrmph.  That makes one of us. :-)  You'll get a short cutscene of Geralt administering the cure to Eskel and Lambert.

64.  Once the witchers have been cured, you don't need Elianna anymore.  Triss will approach you and ask you what to do with her.  You have two choices:  Triss can take her to the Lodge of Sorceresses and present evidence of Elianna's crimes, a course of action that Triss is convinced will result in the Lodge's deciding to perform a spell that will remove Elianna's ability to do magic.  Or you can kill her.  If you kill her, you get a cutscene of Geralt killing Elianna and Triss disposing of the body by burning it up with a magical fireball.  

65.  Once you've decided about Elianna, Shani approaches you and suggests that it's time for a party to celebrate the witchers' recovery.  Geralt agrees, and Shani says that she'll go downstairs and set out food and drink, and Geralt can gather up his friends and meet her there.

66.  There will be a cutscene of the witchers partying.  Geralt will ask Shani to dance.  If he did not torture Elianna, she accepts, they dance, and a good time was had by all.  If Geralt did torture Elianna but was reasonably understanding about Shani's dismay at his choice, she'll dance with him reluctantly.  If Geralt did torture Elianna and told Shani to stop being a baby about it, Shani says that she doesn't dance with torturers, and Geralt tries to sweet-talk her for a bit.  Vesemir is up, playing the flute, Lambert is up, playing the drum, and Eskel is dancing with Triss, so even if Shani won't dance, things aren't all bad -- at least the witchers have been saved.

67.    a.  Geralt and Dandelion are in the Hairy Bear, and Dandelion asks for the rest of the story.  
    b.  There's a cutscene of the witchers returning to work and doing what they do when healthy.
    c.  Depending on whether you chose to kill Elianna or turn her over to the Lodge of Sorceresses, you get a cutscene illustrating the results of this decision.
    d.  If you didn't believe Elianna when she tried to blame everything on Triss, then you get the good Triss cutscene, in which she's friendly and happy.  If you do believe Elianna, then you get the cold Triss cutscene, in which she no longer interacts with you and is more stand-offish with witchers in general.
    e.  If you torture Elianna, you get the cold Shani cutscene, where she never speaks to you again.  If you don't torture Elianna, you get the good Shani cutscene, in which she continues to love you and also has a great relationship with the other witchers.
    f.  If you get the good outcome for both relationships, you get a short cutscene that talks about how Geralt gets to keep both of them.  If you get the bad outcome for both relationships, you get a short cutscene that says Geralt is lonely.  If you get the good outcome for one and the bad outcome for the other, you don't get a "summary" relationship cutscene.
    g.  Geralt's advice to Radovid made a difference.  If you told Radovid to stir up trouble in Temeria, Rad ends up marrying Adda and being a good influence on her.  If you told Radovid to cut it out, Foltest rapes Adda, she has a baby, and she and the baby both go crazy, causing many problems
    h.  If you get the good ending for ALL of the factors, you get a (modified) "happily ever after" summary; otherwise, you get one saying that Geralt had trouble sleeping at night for many years afterwards.
    i.  Then you get the end credits, including credits for the play testers, for the sound effects I downloaded, and gratitude all round.  THE END.

Thanks for playing!