"Medical Problems 1" Choices and Consequences

There are three player choices that determine the ending of "Medical Problems"

1. (Highlight text to see the spoiler)  Killing Vetala or letting him live

(Highlight text to see the spoiler) Dying your hair or not dying it

(Highlight text to see the spoiler) Fulfilling the Troll Bridge contract or letting the troll live

Choice #2 makes the biggest difference -- you get a VERY different ending, depending on which path you take.  Since you make this choice close to the end of the game, you might enjoy restoring from save and making the other choice, then seeing how that plays out.

Choice #1 has two effects
(Highlight text to see the spoiler):

1.  a.  If you let Vetala live, when you go to Carraigh Crypt, the Mistress of the Crypt and her minions will be friendly.  You won't have to fight them (though you also can't loot their stuff), and you'll get to see that rare sight, the undead orchestra.
     b.  If you let Vetala live AND killed the troll AND dyed your hair, then you get the "best" ending, the one where you make it to Kaer Morhen, Triss compliments you on making good time, and Lambert is not sick.

2.  a.  If you kill Vetala, when you go to Carraigh Crypt, the Mistress of the Crypt and her minions will be hostile, and you'll have to fight two bruxas, two garkains, and an alp, all at once.  (You can loot their stuff, though.)
     b.  If you kill Vetala AND dye your hair, when you get to Kaer Morhen, Triss will complain that you took too long, and Lambert will be sick.  If you didn't kill the troll, the reason why the journey home took so long will be the "bridge is out" reason, but even if you did kill the troll, you'll still get home late; the reason this time is that you had to fight your way through the crypt, since you didn't have an undead friend to smooth your path.

Choice #3 makes a difference in whether you get home to Kaer Morhen early or late, though whether you get there at all depends on Choice #2, and you can still get there late -- even if you made the "early" choice in #3 -- depending on Choice #1.  Also, if you make the "late" choice in #3, you'll start your journey to Kaer Morhen in a different place -- you'll have an extra area to traverse and some extra monsters to kill.  (For some players, this might be a reward, rather than a penalty. :-) )

(Highlight text to see the spoiler)  If you get home early, Triss will compliment you on your speed and say that the patients are doing well under Lambert's care.  If you get home late, Triss will complain that you took too long and note that Lambert is now sick, too.

After having done just these three little choices, I'm even more impressed at how many choices CDPR managed to keep track of in the main game!

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