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Still fine with the 1.55 patch

Fortune Teller Career Fix
 -- This one is fine as is

Did you get to level 10 in the Mystic branch of the Fortune Teller career, only to find that your reward is to see people boo your sim all over town?  Are your relationships with some of your friends -- maybe even your family -- going down VERY quickly?

Yeah, EA planned it that way.  :-(

If you look at the XML file that controls the Fortune Teller Career, it turns out that sims with the Good, Friendly, or Family-Oriented traits -- plus anyone in the Science career -- will hate people with the mystic aura (i.e., anyone at level 10 in the Fortune Teller Career, Mystic Branch).

What? Why would being friendly, good, or family-oriented make a person hate fortune tellers? (I can see where scientists might not get along with fortune-tellers. ;-) )  And why would they hate honest fortune-tellers who really CAN predict the future (Mystic branch), rather than dishonest fortune tellers who are only pretending (Scam Artist branch)?  

So I made a little mod, replacing the Good, Friendly, and Family-Oriented traits with the Supernatural Skeptic trait, since it makes sense to me that Supernatural Skeptics would hate fortune tellers.  So, scientists and supernatural skeptics will still hate you, but people with the Good, Friendly, and Family-Oriented traits won't.

You put this mod where Sims 3 mods usually go; if you don't know where that is, see Mod The Sims' explanation of where to put custom content.

If you want to ask a question or make a comment about this mod, you can do so at the Carl's Sims 3 Guide Forum thread that's devoted to this mod.

This mod alters the FortuneTellerCareer XML file and only needs to be updated for a new patch if that file has changed.  Neither the 1.50 nor 1.55 patches has changed that file, so this mod works for those patches, too.

Download the Fortune Teller Career Fix

Musical Instruments Are More Fun AND Give More Skill -- Download the new version for the 1.50 patch

I think playing a musical instrument is one of the coolest things a person can do, and I'm amazed that sims get more fun from watching TV than from playing a piano or guitar.

This mod will increase the fun that your sims get from playing any of the musical instruments -- piano, guitar, bass, or drums -- and will also cause your sims to gain instrument-playing skill more rapidly.

Installation:  You put this mod where Sims 3 mods usually go; if you don't know where that is, see Mod The Sims' explanation of where to put custom content.

This mod alters the Play_BassGuitar, Play_Drums, Play_Guitar, Play_Piano, Jam_BassGuitar, Jam_Drums, Jam_Guitar, and Jam_Piano ITUN files.  The 1.55 patch didn't alter those files, so this mod works with that patch.

This mod doesn't affect the violin that came with the The Dukes of Bows Renaissance Faire store content; I've made a mod for the violin but haven't gotten around to testing it yet.

Download Musical Instruments More Fun More Skill

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I'm not affiliated with EA, and these mods are entirely unofficial.  I know you knew that, but I'm supposed to say it, anyway. :-)

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